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5 Reasons this is the Most Essential Beauty Bag for the Frequent Traveller

Five reasons why our ‘Grace’ wash bag is the ultimate beauty bag for frequent travellers.

1. It's Waterproof

The last thing you want when travelling is one of your beauty products leaking on to the contents of your suitcase. Our Grace Folding Wash Bag is completely waterproof. We use waterproof cotton coated fabrics and make sure every seam is covered so it will contain any leaks and spills. You can travel in peace, knowing the contents of your suitcase are protected.

When surveyed by Victoria Green, 74% of women stated spillages were their top concern when preparing a trip.

Grace Folding Wash Bag 

2. Easy View Pockets

When you pack a large wash bag, trying to find the one product you need can be difficult. That’s why our transparent pockets are so useful. The ‘Grace’ folding wash bag displays all your travel essentials, so you don’t have to rummage around trying to find them.

3. Detachable Airport Security Bag

Breeze through airport security with our airport security bag when taking liquids in your hand luggage (but do check with individual airlines’ hand luggage restrictions before you fly).

If you are unsure about airport restrictions than check out our guide, we created it for you, so you don’t get caught out. We’ve even got a quiz to test your knowledge. 

airport security bag for liquidsDetachable Airport Security Bag - part of the Grace wash bag

4. A Versatile Combination of Detachable Compartments

Our unique 3 in 1 system allows you to use the outer bag, detachable case and transparent pocket together or separately, to create your own personalised storage solution wash bag for each and every trip.  

Here are a few ways we suggest using the ‘Grace’ wash bag but you can personalise it in any way to suit you and your travel needs.

  • Use the detachable clear pocket at airport security for your liquids.
  • Use the clear train case for a shorter stay or overnight trip. The train case can also double up as an organiser on your dressing table.
  • Use the outer case for large beauty products and longer stays.

 5. Hanging Bag Feature

Don’t have time to unpack or just don’t want to? You can hang the ‘Grace’ bag up where ever you go with the handle and use your beauty products straight from the bag.

Does the ‘Grace’ wash bag sound perfect for you or someone you know? Then check here for more information here.

Wash bag for women with detachable compartments by Victoria Green

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