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Swinter skincare: 5 transitional skincare tips

We’re now in September, summer seems to be over, and the thought of wrapping up in our dressing gowns with a cup of hot chocolate sounds very appealing.

This period is known as Swinter, a combination of summer with a hint of winter as the cooler weather starts to draw in. It’s a transitional period, as we start to pack away our summer wardrobes and unfold our cosiest jumpers and polish our sturdy boots.

However, you may have your winter wardrobe under control, but have you thought about how your skin is going to adapt to this sudden throw of cold weather? Make sure you’re prepared by following our top tips to perfect seasonal skin.

1. Have quicker, cooler showers


The natural thing to do in winter is to start the morning with a long hot shower to warm us up for the day ahead. Try to limit your time in the shower and turn the temperature down. Hot water can strip essential moisture from your skin, and it needs all the moisture it can get during the freezing months ahead.

Did you know according to Woman’s Health, most doctors suggest keeping water below 110 degrees (43 degrees Celsius) when you shower.

2. Exfoliate!


Exfoliating should be on your list all year around, but in winter it is vital. If you’re prone to getting dry skin in the winter times, exfoliating will dispose of dead skin cells and help your skin to absorb moisturiser. This will leave skin feeling silky smooth and will encourage new skin cells to grow. Its normal to exfoliate around two times per week, however this does depend on your skin type. Make sure you use an exfoliator which suits your skin type to avoid any reactions.

Did you know when you’re younger, your skin exfoliates on its own. According to, the process can slow down once you hit your thirties. This can cause a dull complexion and pigmentation.


3. Carry lip balm at all times


Dry lips are the most inconvenient thing about winter (apart from running out of de-icer on a snowy day of course). Carrying a lip balm around with you will help to prevent your lips from drying out, especially when they are hit by cold air and are prone to cracking.

Did you know you can now personalise your tin of Vaseline? Add that personal touch to your everyday lip balm by going that one step further and adding your name to it. This can help you get organised too. Victoria has 'VG home' and VG office' on her Vaseline so that she always has a tin wherever she goes. Find out more here:


4. Carry on drinking water

drink water

We are all guilty of ditching the water in winter time and turning to hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate, anything to keep warm. Drinking water and keeping hydrated really helps skin, according to healthy lifestyle website, drinking hot water and lemon will keep you both refreshed and hydrated. Remember that your skin needs hydrating on the inside too. Combine drinking water with a moisturiser and head on the road to happy, healthy skin.

Did you know drinking a warm glass of water before a hot bath can help to lower blood pressure? According to, this will warm your body from the inside and result in the same circulatory system dilation that occurs on the skin's surface. 


5. Still use an SPF

moisturise beauty

Just because the temperatures have dropped, it doesn’t mean that your skin won’t face the affects of the harsh winter sun. You only have to drive in it to see just how bright it can be. Winter sun can take its toll on your skin just like summer sun does, so make sure you apply SPF to prevent sun damage.

Did you know that UV rays can stay the same strength throughout the year? Experts at the Met Office state that the sun reflects 85% of the sun's UV rays. This can cause sunburn to under the chin and ears.

Looking after your skin is essential in the colder months to keep it hydrated and smooth. By following our tips, it'll help you to keep on track when it comes to your winter skincare. Keep all of your essential winter skincare together in an organised beauty bag, to make sure everything is at hand to get your skin in gorgeous condition. Shop our full range right here.

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