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How to Pack your Beauty Products for your Holiday

Get organised for your trip and pack your travel beauty essentials in style.

Whether you’re travelling with hand luggage only or taking an enormous suitcase, it always pays to be prepared and plan what you’re going to take with you.

If you love to travel light

Do you like to keep things simple? Travelling with a curated selection of your favourite beauty products saves space which is ideal if you’ve got carry-on luggage.

1. Pre-pack your hand luggage liquids in a reusable airport bag

You don’t want to be stressed rummaging through your handbag to find makeup, when you’re in the busy security queue. Make sure you pre-pack your liquids bag in a clear airport liquid bag before you arrive at the airport. Use a TSA compliant reusable airport bag to reduce use of single use plastics and you will be sure to breeze through security.

Not sure on UK hand luggage liquid allowances? Find out which beauty products you can fly with, so you are airport security ready.

TSA approved clear liquid bag for airport security from Emma hanging wash bag

Reusable clear liquid bag for hand luggage liquids - part of the Emma hanging 3 in 1 wash bag

2. Decant your beauty travel essentials

Decant essentials like shampoo and shower gel into smaller bottles and choose 2 in 1 products like blusher and lipstick duos. 

We are loving blogger 'Does My Bum Look 40' Kat's new favourite Bronze and Glow palette from Charlotte Tilbury...

travel makeup bag with compartments victoria green

Our ‘Amy’ 3 in 1 Makeup Wallet is the perfect travel makeup bag for those with a minimal beauty collection.

Organise your beauty products into categories. Use the clear travel pouch for your hand luggage liquids, pop the rest of your cosmetics in the floral bag and we love to store makeup brushes and hair accessories in the mesh compartment. Simply detach each section as needed so you will always have just the perfect size of makeup bag for your travels.

For those who like to take all their cosmetics on holiday with them

Picture the scene. Manically squashing makeup & toiletries into your bag and struggling to zip it up. If this sounds familiar to you, then follow our top tips to make sure you have room for all your beauty products.

Emma hanging wash bag 3 in 1 in leopard tan by Victoria Green
'Charlotte' hanging wash bag 

1. Choose a large makeup bag with compartments

A large cosmetics case with detachable compartments will transform the way you pack. You can keep toiletries in one section and your cosmetics safely stored in another.

2. A leak-proof beauty bag is a must have

Always travel with a leak-proof wash bag to make sure the inevitable spillages are neatly contained. Nobody wants to arrive at a hotel to find shampoo has spilt all over your carefully packed clothes. Waterproof fabrics and reinforced seams add an essential layer of protection, so make sure you only travel with a wash bag and makeup bag of the best quality.

3. Make a checklist so you don't leave anything behind

We understand your beauty products are important to you. You want to take not only your regular beauty essentials but also all of your luxurious lotions with you on holiday.

Make a checklist of everything you want to take, so nothing gets left behind. Keep the list on your dressing table and check them off as you pack them. Use a travel beauty with clear compartments to allow you to double check your item is packed if necessary.

59% of British women say their beauty routine helps them to feel relaxed. So why wouldn't you want to feel the same way when you're on holiday!

designer makeup bags and wash bags with compartment for travel'Grace' Folding Makeup Bag in Geometric Smoke

Which type of beauty products packer are you? However many cosmetics you like to take with you on holiday, browse our Ultimate 3 in 1 Beauty Bag System Collection and find the right combination for you and your beauty needs.


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