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Victoria Green beauty bags

Are all Victoria Green makeup bags and wash bags waterproof?

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Yes all our beauty bags are made from waterproof fabrics.

Why are Victoria Green beauty bags 'innovative' designs?

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We pride ourselves on developing our own innovative designs which are aimed at helping you get organised. Many of these designs have features such as detachable compartments which are unique to Victoria Green.

What makes Victoria Green beauty bags leak-proof?

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It's all in the design. The combination of selecting high quality waterproof fabrics together with the construction of each bag ensures that every design is leak-proof.

How do Victoria Green beauty bags help me get organised?

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Our beauty bags are designed to help you pack, travel and enjoy your beauty items at your destination. Clear-view compartments allow you to easily locate your items, secure fastenings keep items safely stored, multiple pockets separate items, handles & hooks are designed to help you transport and display your items allowing you to organise your beauty collection on the go.

What is your Liquids Promise?

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Our Liquids Promise allows you to pre-pack your Victoria Green airline security bag safe in the knowledge that you will never have another item confiscated again. Read the details here.

How to clean your beauty bag

How to clean a makeup bag...

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As Victoria Green makeup bags are waterproof, we recommend using a makeup wipe or makeup remover and cotton wool to remove any traces of cosmetics. For full details of how to clean your makeup bag read here.

How to clean a toiletry bag...

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As Victoria Green toiletry bags are waterproof and leak-proof we advise that you remove any marks with makeup remover and use an old toothbrush to reach into the seams. For full details of how to deep clean your toiletry bag, read here

Can I put my makeup bag in the washing machine?

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We would not recommend putting any Victoria Green beauty bag in the washing machine. Read here how to effectively deep clean your makeup bags and wash bags.

Travelling with toiletries

What toiletries to take on holiday?

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Make sure you prepare your toiletries before any trip to avoid wasting time shopping for items when you arrive. Key items to pack;

- Makeup - ensure you pack all your daily cosmetics

- Skincare - from body wash and body lotion to your facial skincare routine

- Hair care - shampoo, conditioner and any other hair product

- Toothbrush & toothpaste - not forgetting other regular dental care items

- Deodorant

- First aid kit - basics such as paracetamol, diarrhoea tablets, antiseptic cream and any personal medication

- Shaving items

Read our A-Z of Beauty Bag Packing for full details here.

Do you have a toiletry bag packing list?

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Yes, you can download a free copy here.

How to minimise toiletries for travel

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If you are looking to travel light or simply don't need to take a large bottle for the duration of your trip, decant into smaller travel bottles and label to ensure you stay organised.

What is the best hanging toiletry bag?

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We would recommend when shopping for a hanging toiletry bag to ensure you select a bag that is well made with robust fabrics due to the weight it holds when hanging, has a rust free hook for a long life and is waterproof to ensure it can be as versatile as possible. It is essential that any beauty bag should be a leak-proof to contain inevitable spillages. You should also consider if the hanging toiletry bag has multiple compartments to allow you to organise your beauty items.

Travelling by air with toiletries

Can I pack my makeup in my carry on?

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Yes but you will need to comply with the current liquid regulations in place at all airports. See the full details of regulations here.

Do I have to put my toiletries in a clear plastic bag?

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You need to place any liquids in your toiletries in a a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag, which holds no more than a litre. Ensure any plastic bag you use is TSA compliant and is designed to hold a maximum of 1 litre.

Is toothpaste considered a liquid?

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Yes toothpaste is classed as a liquid for airport security purposes, as well as mascara, lip gloss and spray deodorants. For more details read here.

How many 100ml bottles can I take in my hand luggage?

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The maximum container size for any item is 100ml but in addition the total volume of the liquids must not exceed 1 litre. For full details read here.

What is the best toiletry bag for airport security?

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Select a bag which has a detachable TSA complaint security pouch. This allows you to separate your toiletries into items for your checked suitcase and those that will be screened in hand luggage.

Our research

How much is the cost of the contents of a makeup bag?

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We have undertaken our own extensive research and found that, on average a women's makeup bag contains £242.08 worth of beauty items. For full details read here.

How much is the cost of the contents of a wash bag?

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As with the makeup bag content, according to our own research, the average cost of the contents of a woman's wash bag is £297.28. For full details, read here.

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