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5 of The Best Travel Organisation Tips from the Travel Experts

Our recent Victoria Green Organisation Awards celebrated those who help us through their experiences and tips to get us organised across various aspects of our lives.  Inspired by our nominees words of advice, we have put together our favourite travel tips to help us all be beautifully organised on our next adventure. 

1. Get a checklist

The Tin Box Traveller who shares tips on family holidays, day outs and adventures recommend having a checklist when preparing for any trip whether it's a beach holiday, a cruise, a self-catering staycation or a weekend glamping. And we couldn't agree more!

Claire aka Tin Box Traveller has put together a series of tried and tested packing lists for different trips ensuring nothing is left behind, as well as those good-to-have luxuries.

Don't forget your beauty essentials and ensure your travel wash bags are perfectly packed with our A-Z of Holiday Beauty Bag Packing 

hanging wash bag in leopard print with detachable compartments


2. Keep everything organised

UK travel blogger and adventure lover, Emily, who enjoys solo female travel and documents her travel adventure as Emily Luxton Travels says her top packing tip is to 'keep everything organised'.

This could be by planning ahead, creating adequate space for travel items or as Emily recommends, packing with packing cubes. In her words 

When I backpacked before in Malaysia, one of my biggest annoyances was having to root through (and practically climb into) my entire backpack just to reach my underwear which had inevitably, tunnelled itself to the very bottom of my pack.

Now a convert to travelling with packing cubes, we can only agree with Emily wholeheartedly about our love of separate compartments, especially when it comes to your travel wash bag. Our Ultimate Travel Beauty Bag Set is the perfect companion to keeping your toiletries organised on an adventure due to the nine separate compartments this beauty bag combo offers!

Emma travel hanging wash bag


3. Book in advance

Did you know you can save up to 10% by booking accommodation in advance and directly? Ya Ya and Lloyd of Hand Luggage Only recommend booking in advance in their Complete Guide To Planning a Great British Road Trip. The travel loving pair share how to book directly for some of the well known hotel names such as Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza, which is a tip we can all get behind!

4. Take a Document Pocket

Is there anything more stressful than getting to security at the airport and you can't find your passport or boarding pass?

We have all been there and know that all too familiar feeling of panic when trying to locate those essential travel documents at the head of a queue. With our perfectly packed beauty bags in our neat and tidy luggage, don't fail at the last hurdle by making sure you have a specified document pocket.

This is a Victoria Green tip as every member of the Victoria Green team swears by our Amy 3 in 1 Makeup Wallet for travelling and storing both your cosmetic essentials and your travel documents. 

travel makeup bag
Use the Amy clear TSA compliant pouch for your hand luggage liquid allowance, use another section with helpful clear-view mesh on one side, for your essential travel documents. Leaving the final pouch for your phone, headphones and perhaps some in-flight luxuries.

5. Before Leaving Home

Suitcase lovingly packed with packing cubes, travel wash bags filled with skincare and sun cream and your document pocket carefully storing your essential travel documents - what next? Claire of Tin Box Traveller has some great advice when it comes to bits to consider before leaving home including travel insurance checks and digitising travel documents. 
What do you think of our top 5 travel tips? Let us know below and tell us what you would also include?
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