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5 Simple Steps to Deep Clean Your Beauty Bag

The essential guide to makeup bag cleansing 

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup bag? Recent research* showed that a staggering nine out of ten makeup bags are home to superbugs like E.coli (responsible for urinary tract infections and food contamination) and staphylococci (a potential deadly bacteria). Yikes! 

We know our customers they often describe their beauty bags as 'trusty companions' so let us take you through some simple steps to keep your favourite makeup bag, wash bag or vanity case, not only looking great but free from harmful bacteria. 

Emma hanging wash bag with detachable beauty bag in leopard print

Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Wash Bag

How to deep clean your makeup bag

1. Empty your bag - obvious we know, but ensure your cosmetic bag, wash bag or vanity case is completely empty of makeup, toiletries and beauty tools before you start.

2. To clean the exterior of your bag, use a makeup wipe or makeup cleanser together with a soft cloth or cotton wool pad to wipe the outside of the bag and remove any makeup marks. Every Victoria Green beauty bag is made from high quality, wipe-clean fabric for easy care.

3. Take a closer look inside...every beauty bag takes a battering from the inevitable spillages resulting in stains and can often be a playground for nasty germs. Ensure the inside of your makeup bag and wash bag is not only clean but hygienic with a deep clean.

If possible, turn your beauty bag inside out. Remove makeup smudges by wiping the interior with a makeup wipe or use a soft cloth or cotton wool pad and makeup cleanser.

As every Victoria Green beauty bag is constructed with lined seams, it is important to deep clean these seams to remove makeup and any harmful bacteria. Re-purpose an old toothbrush together with makeup remover to ensure every nook is clean.

Did you know? Our beauty bags are constructed with lined seams so they contain any spillages inside.

4. Make sure you are germ free - now your makeup bag is gleaming, ensure it is hygienic by spraying or wiping with and anti-bacterial spray, inside and out, to eradicate any harmful bacteria.

5. Keep it regular - are you a beauty lover who always has your hands in your makeup bag? Regular use allows germs to spread from home bathrooms, public toilets and our hands into our makeup bags, wash bags and vanity cases. Make sure you clean your beauty bags regularly to ensure they are kept in tip top condition

“ I recommend giving your beauty bag a deep clean once a month. If you use your makeup bag every day, I’d suggest making time every week to clean your make-up bag to ensure your beauty bag is super hygienic and looks great.” – Victoria Green


How do you clean a clear makeup bag?

Follow the steps above and use a makeup wipe or makeup cleanser with a soft cloth both inside the beauty bag and out to ensure it's all sparkling clean. Don't forget to use an anti-bacterial spray to ensure your clear makeup bag is super hygienic! 

cleaning a makeup bag

Don't stop there....

Ensure makeup brushes are makeup and germ free

72% of women have admitted they never wash their makeup brushes. Whether this rings true for you, or you wash your brushes once a week, now is the perfect time to give them a deep cleanse.

1. To clean...baby shampoo is great because it’s not too harsh on the brush bristles. Fill the sink with soapy water and leave your brushes to soak for a few minutes. Massage each brush to make sure you get rid of any product build up. Drain the sink and continue to rinse each brush under the tap, until the water runs clear.

2. Drying ....the next step is drying the brushes. This is a key to maintaining the quality of your brushes. Makeup artists recommend drying brushes upside down so that the water doesn't drips into the handle, which can cause damage. Try tying the brushes to your towel rail. Cleaning your make-up brushes will also make a huge difference when it comes to the cleanliness of your make-up bag. There’s no point in having a clean make-up bag if you’re going to fill it with unclean products!

Top tip: If you're in a rush but still want to get your make-up brushes clean, invest in specialist brush cleansing wipes.

makeup brushes for beauty bags 

Throw out of date beauty products away

We’re all guilty of holding on to old makeup, but nobody wants to encourage unpleasant infections or breakouts with out-of-date cosmetics. Go through all your items and get rid of any that look like they’ve seen better days.

Not sure how long you can keep cosmetics for? Check out our handy guide so you know when it’s time to say goodbye.

spring clean your makeup bag


Top Tip - Make a note in your diary when you buy new makeup or use a marker pen and write the date on the bottom of the bottle or tube.

Re-pack & organise your clean beauty bag

Now that you have cleaned and sanitised your makeup and wash bag and sorted out your beauty items, it's time to get organised.

Store makeup brushes separately from your cosmetics, to keep them clean. Invest in a beauty bags with compartments which allow you organise 


clear makeup bag with cosmetics

Small Clear Beauty Kit Case

You might even decide to treat yourself to a new lipstick (or two), to go in your tidy makeup bag.  

Did we miss anything? Leave your comments below


*published in bodyandsoul.com.au 3/12/19

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    • There is a grammatical mistake/typo in paragraph 4 – should read ‘an’ instead of ‘and’. 😇

      Margo Edwards
    • Great article and sensible advice. Personally, I would use a new (cheap) toothbrush to clean the bag’s seams, as repurposing an old one, as suggested, may introduce germs of its own. Spraying with an antibacterial spray afterwards should eradicate any bacteria, but I still don’t fancy the idea of a used toothbrush cleaning my beauty bags!

      Helen S

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