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5 Staycation Essentials for a Perfect Holiday

We can be pretty certain that our summer holiday this year is going to be closer to home as many of us swap the Med for a UK staycation.  Whether you’re heading to the coast, country or a city break, planning the perfect getaway in the UK requires a different type of holiday packing list.  

Here, we’ve selected our top five items to put on your staycation checklist to ensure you make the most of your precious time away.

Open suitcase for staycation essentials with clothes, straw hat and camera

 1. Games - indoor and outdoor

Having a selection of games to entertain all members of the group should be on your staycation packing list.  A classic game of Jenga is always popular with any member of the family and can be played whatever the weather, whilst a good old-fashioned pack of cards will fit neatly in your suitcase or hand luggage and offers lots of options from pairs to poker!!

Young boy playing game of Jenga on a staycation

2. Picnic basket and blanket

A picnic is about as British as afternoon tea, so a picnic basket and blanket is a must-have travel essential for a successful staycation. Choose a basket or bag with compartments for an organised picnic - no one likes an egg mayonnaise sandwich leaking over their flapjack - and make sure your blanket has a waterproof backing for those inevitable damp days.

Wicker picnic basket on grey and white picnic blanket with selection of food for staycation essentials

3. Travel Wash Bag 

Just because you’re on staycation, it doesn’t mean forgetting your favourite moisturiser or your shampoo leaking and ruining your favourite top is any less of a risk.  You will need all your daily skincare, make-up and personal care necessities, but don’t forget other items you need on holiday.  Sunscreen - you should wear this even if the sun isn't shining - is a must, as is mozzie-repellent (yes, those pesky bugs can be a problem even on a staycation) and hand sanitiser.  Maybe even some self-tanning lotion so even if it rains, you can still look as if you have spent the week abroad!

As well as essentials, add a few beauty pampering treats to make your stay extra special.  A favourite face mask and scented travel candle for a spa-like soak in the bath and don't forget polish for a mini mani and pedicure.

Large wash bag with 3 in 1 transparent compartments

When it comes to beauty travel essentials it pays to be organised and a travel wash bag that offers versatility and reliability is key for a stress-free holiday. Yes, you can pop to Boots to pick up any forgotten items, but who wants to interrupt their precious holiday time? Our Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Beauty bag is an innovative lifesaver that not only has plenty of space to keep all your essentials, but its transparent and detachable compartments ensure you can see exactly what’s inside without having to rummage around.  The ‘hang anywhere’ hook provides instant storage and because the six sections of this large wash bag are leak-proof and see-through, you can keep the bag on the back of the door ensuring you don’t leave any items behind at the end of your stay. Or for something smaller for shorter breaks, the Kate Hanging Wash Bag has a unique 2 in 1 design that is both spacious and slimline at the same time.


 4. Waterproofs

This may not be the sexiest addition to your wardrobe, but the chance of rain on a staycation is pretty high and you’ll be thankful for a decent raincoat.  You don’t have to completely forgo style though. Petit Bateux’s bright yellow waxed waterproof raincoat will brighten the dullest of days or Seasalt has a great range of flattering and waterproof jackets.

 Woman in yellow raincoat standing on top of a cliff for staycation essentials

5. E-Book

When it comes to things to take on a staycation, a Kindle or Kobo is a must-have. If you’re a bookworm, chances are you probably already have one, but the Kindle Oasis is up there as one of the best travel essentials you can pack. With an adjustable light and ergonomic design, you can pack as many books as you like with this waterproof beauty.

Kindle book, straw sun hat, sunglasses and orange cover up for staycation essentials

And, there you have it, our summer staycation essentials. What do you pack for the perfect UK holiday? We’d love to hear your ideas.

For more organising tips, see our blog here.

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