7 things we need to know when packing a beauty bag for a cruise

7 Things You Need to Know When Packing Your Beauty Bag For a Cruise

When preparing travel essentials for your cruise

1) Make sure it's a large one 

The average cruise lasts 10 days and with lots of trips and destinations to visit, this means packing a wide range of beauty products. Investing in a wash bag large enough to accommodate not only your travel essentials but also your favourite products will ensure you don't have to waste precious time and go to the expense of hunting down any bottles you couldn't fit in.

 7 things you need to know when packing for a cruise toiletry bag

2) Don't risk a confiscation 

You might be flying to your cruise departure point, so always make sure you know your airport regulations before you travel. It's a great idea to organise your wash bag and pre-pack your hand luggage liquids the night before, so you can breeze through security and avoid any items being confiscated. For ease, invest in a re-usable TSA compliant airport pouch which is designed to comply with the airport rules.


Detachable airport security pouch  - part of the Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Beauty Bag in Leopard Tan

3) Make sure your wash bag is leak-proof

This may seem obvious but time and time again we hear about leaks and spillages causing havoc in suitcases. After all, having spent an age thinking and packing your cruise wardrobe, nobody wants to spend the first 2 days of their dream cruise, laundering shampoo stains out of clothes. To ensure you never have this problem, select a wash bag which is leak-proof and will contain liquids from the inevitable loose lid.

When we asked the public, 74% of women said that spillages was their top concern when preparing for a trip

4) Pack a 'carry on' 

Whether you are joining your cruise in the UK or further afield, make sure you keep your travel essentials close to hand. Whilst it is always a pleasure to have baggage delivered to your cabins there is often a delay in cases arriving so ensure you pack a 'carry on' bag with items that will allow you to kick off your cruise experience straight away, as well as essential items such as medication.


When on board your cruise

5) Transform the bathroom storage 

We know that bathrooms on cruise ships can be on the small side with limited storage. Make the most of any space with a hanging wash bag allowing you to create a 'bathroom cabinet on the go'. 

Our 'Charlotte' hanging wash bag has a 'hang anywhere' hook, and unfolds to display a number of transparent pockets which allow you to store your beauty items for easy access whilst keeping larger bottles safely stored in a roomy case.

Getting onboard storage right can be a crucial factor to the enjoyment of any cruise, so investing in the correct wash bag will ensure you can not only keep your toothbrushes safely stored but also allow you to prep and preen for dinner in a beautifully organised style.

The Charlotte hanging wash bag with a 'hang anywhere' hook £32

When on day trips

6) Make sure your cruise card is to hand 

Keep your cruise card and other travel documents secure and to hand when you're out on a trip. Pop everything in a clear travel pouch, that will easily fit in your bag so you are never again scrabbling around at the last minute trying to locate those crucial documents.

Detach a section of the Amy 3 in 1 makeup wallet to keep travel documents to hand

7) Use versatile wash bags for short stays

If you're staying overnight on shore, make sure you have a smaller wash bag to hand to take your overnight essentials with you. A great way to do this is to invest in a beauty bag with detachable compartments which allows you to select the best size compartment for your night away.


Our Emma 3 in 1 hanging wash bag is the perfect, versatile wash bag for taking on a cruise. It features detachable compartments allowing you to prepare and pack perfectly for your trip. It has a 'hang anywhere hook' turning it into super effective bathroom storage and can be packed separately or together depending on your luggage requirements. See more here. Designed to help you #TravelWell

Do you have any more tips for packing your beauty products for a cruise? Let us know in the comments.


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