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5 Ways to Re-Use your 'Bags of love' Gift Bag

The Victoria Green gift bag is truly a bag of love and goes beyond just one-use gift wrapping as it is designed to be re-used in many ways. Our sustainable gift wrapping bag will help you to stay organised not only in your cosmetic or beauty regimens, but also while you travel and step into the great outdoors.

With practicality and functionality at the heart of everything we do, our gift bags are not only exceptionally stylish and beautiful, they are also strong enough to stand the test of time and designed to be re-used to help you get organised.

Ways to re-use your Victoria Green gift bag...


1. Protect your luggage from dirty shoes when travelling 

Packing used shoes when travelling can be a nightmare, especially when your luggage has very little compartments and you’re trying to keep them away from your clean clothes. First off, resist the urge to squeeze them at the sides of luggage and instead grab your Victoria green 'Bags of love' bag. After dusting off your shoes, place them gently into your reusable gift bag and either place it in your luggage or carry it as a separate item if you choose.   

2. As a laundry bag when you travel

Storing up your dirty clothes while on a trip can be a hassle especially when there’s no laundry basket in sight, so why not let your Victoria Green gift bag do the work and handle that. All you have to do is toss your dirty clothes into your new laundry bag and that way when you get back home you just put your bag of dirty clothes in the washing machine, while your clean clothes go straight back in your closet. Quick and easy!

Victoria Green Gift Bag

3. As a ‘delicates’ bag for your underwear

Whether you’re travelling with friends, family or alone, there’s just something about keeping your underwear safe and secure from everything else. Use your reusable gift bag as a ‘delicates’ bag to store your underwear whilst also keeping it feeling fresh, crisp, and out of prying eyes when you travel. Not only does it help you feel more organised, you also don’t have to ransack your box looking for that special knicker or bra.

4. As a dust bag for your handbags and purses

Convert your gift bag into a dust bag and let it protect your bags and purses from dust, dirt and even bugs whether at home or when travelling. Not only will this help your bags look better for longer, it would also better help you organise your space as you can store more than one purse in a gift bag.

5. As a memorabilia or photo bag

Just as is written on the front, each Victoria green gift bag is a 'bag of love' and should be treated as such, so why not turn yours into a memorabilia bag. In this world of digital living, physical items are scarcer and more precious than ever and so should be cherished and stored with care. Keep your pictures, souvenirs and other special items tidy and organised using our gift bags.
No doubt there are still several things you do with your Victoria Green gift bag, so let’s know what we’ve missed and share with us other ways you use your gift bags!

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