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As seen in The Daily Mail Femail section

Tears on my laptop and then I succeeded!

I have been bursting to share this news and so happy I can do so now..........A few weeks ago, I was thrilled to receive a call from the team at The Daily Mail's Femail section asking if I could visit them to discuss my story and my business. Oh and would I come along for a glamorous photo shoot! 

Having been awarded 'highly commended' in this year's prestigious Everywoman awards, I jumped at the chance to chat about what drives me, where it all started and how I look to manage a healthy work life balance.

And so I found myself chatting to Alison telling her about the ups and downs that have led me to this point. It's always funny recounting the stories about where it all started, in many ways it feels like yesterday and yet I can reflect on how far I've come.

‘When I was pregnant with Rose, I was often found weeping into my laptop at 3am, thinking: “This is ridiculous, what am I doing?” But when you really believe in something, you can weather all that.’

Victoria Green photoshoot for Daily Mail

I am really pleased with the piece and my interviewer really picked up on my passion for creating practical products that people enjoy using.

'Her Tardis-like wash bags aim to transport more products than any other, with zipped compartments, voluminous pockets for 500ml bottles, and — a genius touch — a hook to hang the whole thing from a shower rail, turning bag into mobile bathroom cabinet.'

It's not every day your diary shows 'professional photo shoot'! So it was a perfect end to an exciting day at The Daily Mail, being pampered with a professional makeover and posing for the camera. I am really honoured to have been approached by The Daily Mail and it begins to make all those late nights seem very worthwhile.

Read the whole article here Why a bump can be the best thing for your business

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