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5 Reasons this is the Best Large Wash Bag for Women

Sometimes we just want to take it all and when that is the case you want to reach for the perfect beauty bag. Step forward Iris, a stunning beauty bag offering not only good looks but a whole lot more. Here are 5 reasons this is the best large beauty bag for you...


Iris large wash bag with front pockets in gold

1. Spacious compartments + secure pockets = the perfect combo

The Iris shape is the largest of all the Victoria Green beauty bags and features a large main compartment designed for all your toiletry bottles to stand upright. With a generous amount of room, full sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner are easily packed and stored.

We always say the 'difference is in the detail' with Victoria Green beauty bags and the Iris large wash bag is no different offering both elasticated pockets in the inside and exterior secure pockets for when you need to separate items and keep them stored safely.

The interior pockets allow you to store items that may need some extra protection whilst travelling as well as items you want to reach for easily.

large makeup bag with interior elasticated pockets

The exterior pockets offer additional storage space which are secured with luxury magnetic fastenings. Ideal for separating out smaller makeup items up or storing your favourite scent so you can top up your fragrance quickly.

2. Luxe glamour

This large wash bag sets a new standard for travelling in style. So glamourous, why pack this beauty bag inside your luggage when it makes the perfect addition to any travelling bag set.

Crafted from a beautiful champagne gold fabric with a subtle woven texture, this toiletry bag shimmers with luxury.

Large wash bag with handles in champagne gold colour

When your toiletries and makeup demand their own storage, pick up the Iris and rock your beauty bag look!

3. Eco credentials

Not only is our largest wash bag a stunning addition to the Victoria Green collection, it is also full of eco credentials. As an independent British brand, we care about our environmental footprint. We have worked tirelessly to develop our new sustainable fabrics and are delighted to launch our Sustainable Luxe collection offering innovative, sustainable products without compromising on the core Victoria Green values of high quality, robust products.

The outer of this wash bag is made from recycled PU vegan leather which is both strong and pliable creating a robust wash bag shape which will last. The inner has a full lining made from 100% recycled water bottles and serves to ensure any leaks are contained. 

All the benefits of a Victoria Green beauty bag design with a minimal impact on the environment.

4. Waterproof & leak-proof

We believe these are essential features for any wash bag or makeup bag. Every beauty bag by Victoria Green is both water resistant and enjoys a leak-proof design.

This Iris beauty bag is crafted from our sustainable vegan leather and repels water beautifully. Handy for when this bag journeys to the bathroom, simply allow any liquids on the outside to run off, keeping your items inside secure and dry.

large wash bag made from waterproof fabric

Concerned about liquids escaping on the inside? You are not alone as our research shows the threat of leaks are the most common worry when travelling with your toiletries.

Our leak-proof design allows you relax, knowing any threat from a loose lid will be contained within your wash bag and will not spoil the rest of your luggage.

5. A matching makeup bag

Because nothing says organised like a matching set. Use the Iris wash bag to travel with your toiletries and combine with the matching Mia large makeup bag to store your makeup collection. This champagne gold duo were meant to be together!


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