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5 makeup decluttering tips that'll change your life

Follow our simple tips to a clutter-free makeup collection.

If like us you've been spending every free moment snuggled up with a cuppa watching Marie Kondo, you've come to the right place. With the new year upon us, we're done with the annual resolutions and are focusing on self improvement and wellbeing, which is something that decluttering can really help with. 

When you take on the challenge of decluttering, it can be quite overwhelming when you just don't know where to start. We suggest beginning with makeup. Most of us use makeup every day so starting with items you use the most can really give you motivation. 

Phase 1: Makeup clear out


Over time we tend to accumulate a lot of makeup that we find is hardly used, but we keep it anyway 'just in case.' Having a regular makeup clear out is important, not just to keep your makeup collection in check, but to keep harmful bacteria that comes from out of date makeup at bay.

Your makeup products don't have a specific date on them, but will have for example 6m, 12m or 24m (m being months) to give you some indication as to when you should stop using them. Your first decluttering step is to sort through your cosmetics and dispose of any makeup that is past it's use by date. 

Decluttering queen, Marie Kondo, suggests performing a seasonal 'joy check' with your makeup. For those who aren't familiar with the method, it involves going through belongings and putting items that 'spark joy' to one side. 

"If you are the type of person who likes to change your makeup seasonally, you might consider performing the joy check once every season so that your makeup bag contains items you use frequently, and which spark joy." Said Marie Kondo in an interview with Good Housekeeping.

Want to know more about keeping your makeup germ free? Read our post here.

Phase 2: Give your brushes some care

 makeup brushes

While you sort through your makeup, try and do the same with your brushes. You should try to replace your brushes every few months if you find they start to shed hair, this is a sign that they are ready to go to makeup brush heaven. Once you've sorted out your brushes, fill a small bowl with baby shampoo and lukewarm water (hot water can damage the bristles). After a deep cleanse, leave them to dry while you carry on with your makeup decluttering.

Phase 3: Prioritising by organising your makeup 


After you've got rid of any out of date makeup, it's now time to sort makeup into two sections; everyday and going out. Your everyday makeup is made up of the products you use religiously, such as foundation, mascara, blusher and eyeliner. You may have a different set of makeup that is only used when you're going somewhere special, for example, false eyelashes, glitter eyeshadow and a high coverage foundation from a luxury brand. 

Phase 4: Storage for your makeup collection

best travel makeup bag

You have done it, the decluttering is complete. Now it's time to find the perfect storage space for your makeup. 

For everyday makeup, we suggest using a hanging beauty bag. This way you'll be able to find your cosmetics easily with the help of clear view compartments and detachable clear pouches. The hanging ability of the bag means that instead of cluttering up dressing table space, your makeup can hang on the back of a wardrobe door or on a handle.

Not only is storing makeup in a hanging bag perfect if you've only got a small amount of storage space, it also means that when it's time to travel, your makeup is already packed. Simply fold up your beauty bag and place in your case.

best travel makeup bag
If you've got a large amount of going out makeup that you only use on special occasions, we recommend using a vanity case to keep all of your luxe makeup in one place. Invest in a roomy case and inside stack your eyeshadow palettes and products in order of use. By storing your going out makeup in a vanity case, it makes it easy to transport if you want to take everything to a friend's house to get ready.
best travel makeup bag
"Slotting eyeshadow palettes, blusher compacts and other cosmetic products in a specific order will make life a lot easier when it comes to navigating them. By placing everything you rarely use into a large vanity case, it means your everyday getting ready space will be spacious and tidy." - Victoria Green

Phase 5: Finding your makeup a home  

best travel makeup bag

You're almost there, now just to place your makeup organiser in a convenient space. Victoria suggests hanging your everyday makeup bag near a mirror so that products are always at hand. 

"I love having my makeup that I use everyday hanging up by my dressing table. This way I can always access it and everything is in one place." - Victoria Green.

Slot your vanity case of makeup you only wear on special occasions into a drawer or on a shelf. This way your makeup will still be accessible when needed, and it will have it's own home. 

If you've been inspired to organise your makeup, you can view our wide range of practical beauty bags here


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