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How to get organised this month - February

The big New Year clear might be done and dusted but it doesn’t mean it’s time to pack the label maker away just yet. From Valentine’s prep to sorting out your kitchen, the shortest month of the year means you need to be even more organised to tick off everything on your list.

What to do this month

1. Curate your crockery and keep your kitchen cupboards clutter free

Fed up of feeling envious when you scroll past the perfect Instagram kitchen? Get your pots and pans in order as well as those pesky pantry products. Here are our 3 favourite hacks to get your cupboards the talk of the neighbours.

  • Open shelving is a key modern interior trend. If you’re feeling brave then replace your wall units with a slimline shelf to maximise space and open the room. For a less invasive DIY option that still packs a punch, why not take the door off some of the cupboards instead? You can display your best pieces and those fancy glasses you got in the sale for all your guests to see. Not only will it look stylish but make it easier to see what items you have.
  • Are your plates in a pile? Head to storage heaven and try a plate holder to protect your crockery from scratches or a tiered shelf insert so you can fit more inside but in an efficient way.
  • Spruce up your pantry and decant essentials like rice, pasta and flour into containers. Choose clear jars and canisters so you can see what’s inside and a label is an organiser’s must have. Opt for classic vinyl lettering or chalkboard stickers which can be reused when you change the contents.

Top tip! Make use of cupboard doors and clip packets or shopping lists on hooks.

organisation tips from Victoria Green

2. Book your Spring hair appointment ready for March

Did you know that March is one of the busiest months for hairdressers?* If you want to try a new look for Spring or maybe you’ve got a special Mother’s Day planned, don’t miss out and get that appointment booked now. The classic bob is making a comeback - are you brave enough to get the chop? If you want a less drastic makeover then the natural wave is for you. It’s reminiscent of a natural beach look so ask your stylist for a soft blow dry to embrace your natural texture.

 3. Start a new monthly challenge

You might have just finished Veganuary or Dry January but why not try a new challenge for February? It can be anything but there are lots of virtual charity fitness challenges happening at the moment. Teenage Cancer Trust’s 2800 squat challenge is ideal for exercise lovers or those looking for toned thighs come March.

4. Find your inner spontaneity and celebrate Valentine’s Day in style

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a partner or celebrating Galentine’s Day instead, love is in the air every February. Whilst we know you love to be organised in advance, this year choose to be spontaneous and embrace last minute plans. With travel restrictions mostly a distant memory, it’s the perfect time to go pack your travel wash bags and book a weekend trip away! 

Ultimate travel wash bag set in leopard print

The Ultimate Travel Beauty Bag Set

5. Have a digital cleanse

Taking some time away from social media can be really important and a great way to digitally detox. But organising your digital files can also be a mindful experience as well as help to make your life easier. Sorting emails into folders and deleting anything you don’t need can be liberating and free up valuable storage space. Why not try the same with text and WhatsApp messages? You can go into the Spring with a lighter digital load and you’ll be able to find information quicker and easier.


Have you tried any of our tips? We'd love to hear what you did and which of these February ones you’ll be giving a go.

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