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Introducing Mandala Beauty Bags from Victoria Green

Introducing…. Mandala

Hot on the heels of our new Shell print collection, we’d like you to meet our latest new arrival....drumroll please...... our beautiful new Mandala print.

Much like the new Shell print collection, the Mandala print was borne from a desire to be more decadent, exuberant and all-out indulgent. But, whilst Shell is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, Mandala is inspired more by the circle of life and the spiritual journey we’ve been on to get where we are today.

The word mandala in Sanskrit is circle and these colourful circular designs can be seen painted on temples, walls and textiles all over India. It symbolises the idea that life is never-ending and everything is connected, which pretty much sums up the optimism we are feeling right now.

Vanity case in new mandala print

Mandalas are also incredibly beautiful to look at, hence the name of our new print collection. Let’s take a closer look and find out more about Victoria’s inspiration….

The inspiration behind the style from Victoria

Beauty bags are intimate and should have a touch of glamour and luxury to them and no era did this better than in the 1920's. I’m really drawn to this period and admire how creatives merged prints and experimented with different designs and shapes. I tried to bring this into both of the new prints, and I especially love how the geometric pattern of the Mandala print stands out on our beauty bags.

As with the Shell print, my father’s painting of St Ives also inspired Mandala. The rocks in the painting are a deep charcoal brown and this is what I have used for the colour.  It goes wonderfully with the gold mandala pattern, bringing a feel-good thrill and indulgence to our wash bags.

Meet the Mandala collection

Wash Bags

Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Wash Bag

inside of folding wash bag with removable compartment

Our one-of-a-kind hanging beauty bag is as pretty as a picture in the new Mandala print.  This versatile travel wash bag with a detachable 1 litre TSA compliant liquid bag is the ideal travel companion.  Featuring no less than six separate compartments, two of them detachable, this hanging beauty organiser makes packing a breeze.

The Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Beauty Bag is also available in Leopard Tan and new Shell prints.

Faith Folding Wash Bag

inside of  folding wash bag with products

Designed with travel in mind, Faith is another new addition to the team. This folding beauty bag features two spacious compartments with enough room to keep your full-size bottles safe and organised. With so many bottles in one travel wash bag, you’re just asking for a leaky lid to spill out all over your clothes, right? Not so when Faith is around. We can’t guarantee your products won’t leak, but we can ensure that the robust PU vegan leather and secure zip fastening will keep potential spills safely contained. 

Faith Folding Wash Bag is also available in new Shell print.

Makeup Bags

NEW Esther Curved Makeup Bag

curved large make up bag open with make up brush

The curved timeless shape of our Esther makeup bag is a classic that will never go out of style, especially in our new Mandala print. Fully lined with waterproof fabric, the freestanding shape is designed to sit neatly on a dressing table or bathroom shelf with all your everyday makeup essentials stored inside. Because of her spacious and curvaceous proportions, Esther is also ideal as an overnight wash bag for fabulous trips away, and with its leak-proof design, you can be sure of no spills, just thrills!

Vanity Cases

Edie Vanity Case

inside of vanity case with full size products

Who doesn’t love the glamour of an old fashioned vanity case? This iconic shape has been brought bang up to date with our new Shell print, merging 1930’s style with fresh and modern colours. Both practical and stylish, this vanity shape beauty bag is big and strong enough to carry one helluva number of bottles and products, all upright and all safely stored inside a waterproof and leak proof design.

Our gorgeous vanity cases are also available in Leopard Tan and Blue Shell prints. 

collection of wash bags and make up bags in blue and charcoalWatch below what our founder, Victoria Green, has to say about the new Mandala Charcoal print...

What do you think? What's your first impression? We'd love to hear. Leave a comment below or follow us @victoriagreenofficial.

Shop the new Mandala collection now and get beautifully organised.

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