How to get organised this month - May

How to get organised this month - May

It’s hard to believe it’s the month of May already! If the year is whizzing by for you as quickly as it for us, it’s important to stay organised and take back control of time. As well as some great home organising hacks for the month of May, summer is around the corner, so we look at what you can do now to help you prepare for the summer months ahead and enjoy them to their fullest. From getting your bbq ready for action to sorting out your bathroom cabinet, we’re right here with you…!

What to do this month

1. Diary Check

It’s great to be spontaneous, but if you don’t keep regular checks of your diary you risk either double booking, overbooking, or missing out entirely! This month, in preparation for summer socialising, take time to look over the next few months of your calendar and see where there are gaps or clusters.  Make a note of term times, birthdays and bank holidays - don’t forget, there is one coming up at this end of the month - and start contacting friends and family now to book in some fun time before their diaries get full. 

Similarly, check for clashes or especially busy weekends to avoid back-to-back engagements. Summers are busy at the best of times, but this summer has the potential to be busier than ever as we make up for lost time, so try and spread out your diary dates to make sure you don’t finish the season burnt out!

Calendar notebook and mobile phone for how to get organised this month may

2. Watch out for clothes moths

Warmer winters and central heating mean clothes moths can be a year-round problem nowadays, but May is usually when these pesky houseguests move in and create havoc on your favourite items of clothing.  You should have already had a wardrobe sort-out last month (see our blog How to get organised this month -  April), and May is the time to prepare, prevent and protect.  Firstly, wash garments thoroughly - moths have a taste for perspiration and food stains. Next, clean your wardrobe and drawers, vacuuming the corners to ensure no eggs are hiding. Finally, add a natural moth repellent, such as cedarwood rings or camphor wood inside your drawers and wardrobe to put them off their scent.

Top tip: Make your own natural repellent by placing dried herbs, such as rosemary, thyme, cloves, lavender or bay leaves into a small cloth bag and place them in your wardrobe and drawers.

Clothes hanging on wooden clothes hangers for how to get organised this month - May

3. Reorganise your bathroom cabinet

May is one of those months where it can be chilly one day and hot and sunny the next.  Be prepared for any unexpected hot days by sorting through your bathroom cabinet to check what sunscreen you have leftover from last summer.  Most sunscreens have a sell-by date of two to three years, so now is the time to dust them down and recycle any that have expired.  

We like to reorganise entirely and move all usable sunscreens, along with our other summer beauty essentials, such as lip balm, after-sun moisturiser and SPF face creams, into one handy wash bag.  A large toiletry bag with compartments is ideal for storing all the products in one easy-to-see place, or better still, use a hanging wash bag and hang behind your bathroom, bedroom or dressing room door to ensure you never forget where anything is. Our Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Beauty Bag or Daisy Hanging Traveller Wash Bag are perfect this is, whilst our Iris Carry All Wash Bag offers plenty of space for large bottles.

Iris large wash bag for how to get organised this month May

3. Summer camps

For the working mum, summer holidays can be a long stretch! Fortunately, there are a wide range of summer holiday activity camps available that are so much fun, your children won’t want to leave. July may seem a long way off, but if you haven’t already researched and booked camps in your area, now is the time to do so to guarantee a place - being organised certainly pays when it comes to holiday clubs. Barracudas have camps around the UK offering a range of activities for all age groups from swimming and football to dance and skills-building courses.

Girl in yellow jumper on climbing frame for how to get organised this month may

4. BBQ at the ready!

Alfresco dining will soon become a thing of pleasure once more! You probably haven’t lifted the cover off your BBQ since last summer, so be ready for BBQ season by cleaning your grills ready for action. House Beautiful have some excellent hacks to help remove any of last years remnants off the grills, from soaking in coffee to warming them and rubbing half an onion to remove any stuck-on food.  See its blog of 12 clever cleaning hacks for a sparkling bbq for more tips.

BBQ grill for how to get organised this month may

5. Book an exhibition

London’s museums and galleries are due to open this month for their summer shows and exhibitions and you can be sure that tickets are going to sell out fast! One exhibition the Victoria Green team are very excited about is Bags: Inside Out at the V&A starting 18th May 2021. It’s no secret we love a good bag and this exhibition explores the style, function, design and craftsmanship of the ultimate accessory. From Louis Vuitton luggage and the first-ever Hermes Birkin bag to the humble rucksack this comprehensive show has it all.

Pink handbag for how to get organised this month may

What are you doing this month to stay ahead of the game? If you have any hidden organising gems we’d love to know about them. Share them with us in the comment box below or @victoriagreenofficial.

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