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Why I Chose a Victoria Green Beauty Bag for My Holiday by UK Lifestyle Blogger, Iga Berry

UK lifestyle and travel blogger, Iga Berry was headed off to a mystery location with her husband. We asked her why she loves our Grace Folding Beauty Bag and how she decided what to pack when she didn't know where she was travelling to....

Who doesn’t love surprises? Actually, I know a few people that do not but I am definitely not one of them. When my hubby told me that he had planned a romantic getaway for our anniversary I was in heaven! The one thing was… he did not want to share the location with me so I didn’t have any clue where we were going and what activities we were going to do, which made packing a bit tricky. 

iga berry lifestyle blogger beauty buys for travelling

I must have repacked my Grace make up bag about 12 times before I felt that I had the right products that would help me to get ready for a night out as well as a quick run in the rain to a nearby shop. The transparent pockets were so helpful to see everything in a glance.

First thing I packed, my favourite brushes of course. Before leaving I did not really have time to clean them so having a separate compartment was really useful to avoid getting makeup over everything. Easy!

best travel makeup bag according to beauty bloggers

For me, my hair products are next on the list when it comes to travel essentials, because my hair just loves a bad hair day and this is not something I am ready to deal with during my anniversary trip.

Hair products went straight in to another compartment to make sure that I am ready to conquer those bad hair days if they ever dare to happen and that if something leaks it will not ruin my clothes as Grace is waterproof. I just love how neatly all the products look once packed in Grace, ready to face whatever we are going to!  

large folding makeup bag with compartments victoria green

I have to say that my guess about what to pack was quite right! We went to the stunning Krakow in Poland. This place is just waiting for people to fall in love.

which makeup bag should I take on my summer holiday

Find out more about Iga and her latest travels on her blog.

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