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10 essential items to pack in your beauty bag for a camping trip

Getting excited for a camping trip away? Us too, and thankfully, gone are the days when a camping holiday was all about being rough and ready and less about relaxing! When camping and glamorous collided and ‘glamping’ was born we ditched our scout tent for a bell tent and never looked back! The trick to any type of successful camping trip is to be organised, and so to enjoy it to its max, you’ll want a perfectly packed beauty bag to take your glamping look from day to night. We’ve pulled together a checklist of all your camping beauty essentials and washbag essentials so all you have to do is pack and go. Let the ‘Great British Camp Off’ begin….!

10 Beauty Essentials You Need for a Camping Trip

1. Suncream

It will undoubtedly rain and with any luck, the sun will shine, but the most dangerous days are those British summer overcast types when the invisible UV rays burn. To avoid an uncomfortable sleep with sunburnt shoulders, or unsightly pink and white stripes, suncream is one of those travel essentials you should always wear, and never, never forget to pack. Read our blog about three things you need to know about sun protection to help you choose the right sun cream for you.

2. Bug spray

Being in the great outdoors is all about getting close to nature, but sometimes nature can get a little too close for comfort! Pop a bug repellent in your travel wash bag to ward away mozzies, midges or other insects that like to bite!

3. BB Cream

These all-in-one beauties are a great all-rounder to have in your cosmetic bag at anytime, but especially when camping. The tinted moisturisers come in a variety of skin tones and some even have a SPF.  It gives a natural coverage - perfect for camping - and means you can leave a your foundation and concealer at home. 

4. Make-up

When it comes to make-up during camping, we think you should do what makes you happy. If you feel more comfortable having your full cosmetic armory with you, take it! Our travel make-up bags are ideal for camping or any type of trip, and our Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Beauty bag is big enough to carry all your make-up and more in one place. If, however, you prefer the idea of keeping it natural for a few days, take a capsule collection in your travel makeup bag, with products that have more than use.  A BB cream (see above), waterproof mascara, and a tinted lip balm that can be used to give your cheeks a bit of colour as well as your lips will give you a beautiful natural camping look.

Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Beauty Bag in Leopard Print

5. Shampoo & dry shampoo

Depending on your hair type and the length of your stay you have two options for keeping your locks luscious. For a weekend, pop a dry shampoo in your travel toiletry bag to keep your bangs looking grease-free. If you have fine hair or are staying for more than a couple of days, being able to give your hair a proper wash will leave you feeling instantly refreshed and rejuvenated, so we recommend taking a small travel size version of your favourite shampoo.

6. Hair accessories

If you don’t have room for dry shampoo or the facilities to wash your hair during your stay scrunchies, hair bobbles, hair bands and any type of hair accessory are a girl’s best friend when it comes to how to look good camping. They don’t take up any space in your camping washing bag and you can have all sorts of fun with them!

Woman in white and black abstract jumper facing a wall and styling her hair

7. Hanging toiletry bag

We appreciate we’re talking about the best travel essentials to pack ‘in’ your camping beauty bag, but having the right bag is paramount to a successful camping trip. When it comes to the ultimate camping list, a hanging washbag wins hands down and our collection will transform your camping experience. Separate clear compartments so that you can easily see what’s inside, zip-locked and leak-proof to keep everything safe, different sections that can be removed so you don’t get to the shower block and realise you’ve forgotten the shower gel and a hanging hook that will keep everything off the ground. 

Daisy Threefold Hanging Wash Bag - Sage

8. Compact mirror

You won’t regret popping in a handy small mirror into your wash bag. A mirror is a great toiletry bag idea for a number of reasons - a quick make-up touch-up, checking you don’t have food stuck in your teeth or putting in your contact lenses in your tent.  You can even try using it to start a campfire if you’re really want to get into the spirit of it!

9. Sleep mask & earplugs

Singing around the campfire late into the night is fun, but not if you like an early night. The same applies to those who are not early birds and don’t want to wake up when nature, or the tent next door’s toddler, does. Pack a sleeping mask and earplugs in your best toiletry bag and everyone stays rested and happy.

10. Face & Body wash

Whether you’re camping for a weekend or a week, being able to wash away the bonfire smell and the dusty or muddy earth off your skin at the end of the day makes all the difference. An antibacterial shower gel that doubles up as a handwash is a real camping washbag essential. Tea Tree oil is naturally antibacterial and kind to the skin - try Tisserand Tea Tree & Aloe All Over Skin Wash. 

For washing your face, a cleansing cream or cleanse and polish type wash is a great solution.  A cleansing cream can be removed with cotton pads, but if you like to feel a splash of water on your face soak a cleansing cloth with water and wipe it over your face - ideal for when you don’t want to leave your tent. 

Bonus tip!

Body moisturiser: a body moisturiser has multi-benefits from keeping your skin soft after a day in the sun to soothing it after the necessary scrubbing of mud off your skin in the shower. It’s also a lovely pick-me-up or freshener when a shower isn’t an option. If a quick wash with a wet flannel is your only choice, a wonderfully scented body moisturiser post wipedown will keep you looking, feeling and smelling fresh.

Inside of tent with metal bed and dark green covers for best camping essential tips

Happy camping everyone! If you have any top life hacks for camping, we’d love to hear them! Pop them in the comments below.

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