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5 Best Wash Bags for Women

As an expert in all things 'beauty bag', Victoria, founder and designer of Victoria Green beauty bags guide you through the best wash bags for women, looking at dimensions, design features and how to get the best out of your toiletry bag.

1.The Ultra-Versatile Wash Bag

The ‘Emma’ 3 in 1 Hanging Wash Bag is an innovative one-of-a-kind design and the original versatile beauty bag.

Key points

  • Dimensions when folded – Height 20cm / Depth 9.5cm / Width 25.5cm
  • Dimensions when hanging – Height 64cm /Depth 9.5cm / Width 25.5cm
  • 2 detachable compartments – use as a single, double, or triple wash bag
  • 6 compartments in total to organise your toiletries
  • TSA compliant reusable airport security liquids bag
Emma wash bag for women


Victoria – ‘The brilliant thing about the Emma wash bag is its versatility. I designed this beauty bag to take you from afternoon gym session to overnight city break and then a long-haul dream holiday with every possibility in between!

I use this hanging bag in the shower at my gym and the detachable kit case to safely store my damp workout clothes after a session. The kit case is also great when visiting friends for an overnight when I want to travel light and take my core beauty products. If the get together involves a glam event I use the second detachable pocket for my makeup and pop into the side of pocket of my travel bag.

Emma 3 in 1 Hanging wash bag

When travelling further afield via an airport, I simply couldn’t do without my Emma bag!  I designed the detachable TSA compliant pouch to be a more planet friendly alternative to the single use plastic bags currently on offer at every airport departure gate. The added benefit is being able to pre-pack this liquid security bag to ensure all my liquids will fit and avoid expensive items being confiscated! Being super versatile, this transparent pouch is perfect for popping in your phone, keys, and headphones whilst poolside and keeping everything safe whilst the rest of this hanging wash bag is great at keeping all my beauty bits organised in the multiple pockets with razors and medication safely stored in a zipped section. This a great choice for those who travel frequently as the design of the Emma allows you to create just the right sized beauty bag for your trip.’

This hanging wash bag is featured in our Leopard Lite fabric and is also available in vegan leather in the charcoal and gold Mandala print or the aqua, orange and gold Shell print.


 2. The Simply Efficient Wash Bag

The Faith Folding Wash Bag is brilliant in its simplicity and packs a full-sized bottle beautifully.

Key points

  • Dimensions when folded - Height 22cm / Depth 9.5cm / Width 30cm
  • 2 large secure pockets for larger bottles
  • Crafted from vegan leather
Faith wash bag for women


Victoria – ‘The Faith folding wash bag is one of my oldest designs and a long-standing favourite wash bag shape for our customers. The large compartments are designed to hold multiple full-size bottles so perfect for when you want to take family sized shampoo, conditioner, bodywash plus all the other bits and bobs essential on holiday. The compartments are transparent when the beauty bag is unfolded to allow you to easily find and select your toiletries and the handles are designed to be robust enough for the heaviest of loads. A cute suitcase style beauty bag this is a great choice for those travelling with the family who like to keep it simple!’

Faith folding wash bag

The Faith folding wash bag is available in vegan leather in a charcoal and gold Mandala print.

3. The ‘Best of Both Worlds’ Wash Bag

The Charlotte Hanging Toiletry Wash Bag is the ideal combination of a folding and hanging wash bag.

Key points

  • Dimensions when folded - Height 20cm/ Depth 9.5cm/ Width 25.5cm
  • 2 large secure zipped compartments for full sized bottles
  • 1 small secure zipped pocket to keep valuables secure
Charlotte wash bag for women


Victoria - ‘The Charlotte hanging toiletry bag has been described as a ‘perfect small suitcase for your beauty items’ and I certainly agree. Made from our leopard lite fabric, selected for it’s lightweight yet robust quality, this beauty bag has the benefit of being both a folding wash bag with sturdy grab handles and a hanging wash bag when unfolded. I designed the large compartments to store full sized bottles with the benefit of being able to store smaller or valuable items in the small, zipped compartment at the hook. This means you can use this beauty bag safe in the knowledge that everything is in its place and can be located in the easy view compartments quickly.

Charlotte hanging wash bag in leopard print

The Charlotte Hanging Toiletry Bag is a great option for gym visits with one compartment for your toiletries, one for your damp gym gear and the small one to keep jewellery safe. At the same time, this is a great beauty bag to take travelling as it’s the prefect combination of simplicity and versatility.’

The Charlotte Hanging Toiletry Bag is available in leopard lite fabric.


4. The Glamour Wash Bag

The Edie Vanity Case is perfect for those who love a retro style and demand some glamour in their travel luggage

Key points

  • Dimensions when closed Height 16cm/ Depth 17cm/ Width 26 cm
  • Large single compartment for full sized bottles to sit upright
  • Stunning storage for any dressing table


Edie wash bag for women


Victoria - ‘Another long-standing design of the Victoria Green brand, the Edie vanity case is a real crowd pleaser. Afterall, who wouldn’t like this beautiful shape adorning a dressing table or bathroom shelf.

I designed the depth of the single compartment to allow full sized beauty products to stand upright. Simply lift the lid and select your bottle. The handle is crafted to lift a fully packed bag for when you want to travel, this beauty bag is a great option for a staycation holiday and when you want to travel with your vanity case as an addition to your luggage instead of hiding within!’

The Edie vanity case is available in charcoal and gold Mandala print and aqua, orange and gold Shell print.

5. The Extra-Large Wash Bag

The Iris wash bag is the largest beauty bag in the Victoria Green collection. Part of our new Sustainable Luxe range, this beauty combines luxe glamour with some serious eco credentials.

Key points 

  • Extra large compartment for storing full size bottles upright
  • Crafted from 100% recycled and sustainable fabrics
  • Two large front pockets to keep items separate and secure

 Victoria - 'The Iris beauty bag is always a popular shape with our customers and this season we have launched in our new Sustainable Luxe fabrics. Our environmental footprint is always uppermost in mind when I am creating products and I am so very delighted to be launching the new Iris wash bag in an elegant champagne gold recycled vegan leather with a lining made from salvaged water bottles!. 

Iris large gold wash bag

The interior compartment is designed specifically to store full sized bottles whilst the elasticated pockets with store items securely. The two exterior pockets are spacious and made secure with metal magnetic dots adding to the luxe feel. This is a beauty bag for when you want to take it all!'

 The Iris wash bag is part of the new Sustainable Luxe collection.

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