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Our Liquids Promise

Did you know that on average 81,000 items are confiscated every day at UK airport security*?

Introduced in 2006, airport liquid regulations continue to be a grey area for passengers resulting in 1 in 5 travellers* having items confiscated every time they travel through airport security.

Beauty accounts for 70% of confiscations* which adds up to a staggering 56,700 items of perfume, skin care products, deodorant, sun cream and makeup are impounded every day. Research** shows that on average each woman loses £23 of beauty products every time she flies.


We believe this is wasteful, expensive and simply unnecessary.
Our aim at Victoria Green is to ensure that you never have an item confiscated at airport security again with Our Liquids Promise.

Our Liquid Promise airport security bags Victoria Green

Our Liquids Promise allows you to use your Victoria Green reusable airport security bag to pre-pack your hand luggage liquids safe in the knowledge that you will never have another item confiscated again.

Designed to be used at airport security and TSA compliant, our airport security bags have been tested extensively for 5 years and have passed successfully through security across the UK and abroad every time. 

We can all agree that security and passenger safety always come first, so in the rare event a security person insists on using the airports own single-use plastic bag, we PROMISE that all the items you have pre-packed in your Victoria green airport security bag will fit inside the airport's clear plastic bag.

Victoria Green airport security bags are designed in compliance with current UK government and global airline security regulations. A Victoria Green airport security bag holds the same amount of cubic space as an airport single use plastic bag. This allows you to pre-pack your hand luggage liquids safe in the knowledge that if required you can simply decant to the airport's own bag without running the risk of having an item confiscated. 

How pack liquids for hand luggage & never have an item confiscated ever again....

  1. Ensure your hand luggage liquids comply with current liquid regulations  - see our 100:1:1 Guide to Airport Security Rules below
  2. Pre-pack a reusable Victoria Green airport security bag
  3. Breeze through security and #TravelWell


100:1:1 Rule for airport liquid security Victoria green


    It may be worth mentioning...In addition to saving on the expense and inconvenience of having your beauty items confiscated, Victoria Green airport security bags are reusable. By ditching the need for single-use plastic airport security bags and opting to pack with a reusable bag, we continue to reduce our impact on the environment.

    Ensure your hand luggage items comply with the current liquids regulations and pre-pack with a Victoria Green airport security bag to #TravelWell

     shop Victoria Green airport security bags

    * According to Direct Line Group report

    ** According to Ascentuals survey as reported by

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