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Why This Is The Ultimate Fitness Beauty Bag Set

Introducing the best gym wash bag set

Whether you’re a seasoned exercise lover or you’ve recently started a new fitness regime, a gym wash bag is a must have. Our Ultimate Fitness Beauty Bag Set features the Charlotte Hanging Wash Bag, with three leak-proof compartments and the Lauren Folding Makeup Bag with clear compartments so you can easily see what’s inside. Don’t let anything hold you back from your fitness goals and head to your spin class, full body yoga flow or PT session with our best gym toiletry bag bundle yet.

best gym wash bag from Victoria Green

The Ultimate Fitness Beauty Bag Set

The perfect gym shower bag 

After you’ve worked up a sweat on the treadmill it’s important to take a shower. Not only does washing get you feeling and smelling fresh but it helps your muscles to recover from their workout. Showering releases lactic acid which eases soreness and the hot water is an added bonus too. So, you need a waterproof shower bag for the gym to stash your beauty essentials. Do you have a favourite post-workout product? Look for a shower gel with Epsom salts as a key ingredient to soothe aches and pains and find out the best gym wash bag beauty buys we recommend.


Look stylish with classic leopard print

Leopard print is a fashion staple and a key trend for 2022. You’ll never mistake another wash bag for yours with our lightweight vegan leopard fabric. The Ultimate Fitness Beauty Bag Set will fit perfectly in your gym bag and locker so you can spend your time working out not reorganising your toiletries!


Be the talk of the changing room with a hanging gym wash bag

There’s no need to have a pile of gym toiletries on the shower floor. The Charlotte Hanging Wash Bag has a handy ‘hang anywhere’ hook and with its three clear compartments you can easily store wet and dry beauty products separately.


A gym makeup bag is just as important 

Did you know? One in six women wear makeup to the gym.* If you’re one of them then you’ll need to take your makeup remover and skincare essentials with you, as well as your must-have makeup to reapply.

makeup bag for gym

The 'Lauren' Folding Makeup Bag in Leopard Print

Our Lauren Folding Makeup Bag is an ideal fitness lover’s friend. Designed to accommodate full sized makeup brushes and palettes, there’s plenty of room for all of your beauty products. The folding style and lightweight fabric make it a great handbag size so you’re ready for touch ups later in the day.

And there’s no need to cry over spilt foundation because this gym wash bag is leak-proof! 


We’d love to see your Ultimate Fitness Beauty Bag Set in use! Why not take a photo during your next workout?


*YouGov Survey 2019


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