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Declutter Your Make Up and Cosmetics Like an Expert!

Are your toiletries in a tangle? Do you need to calm your cosmetics chaos? If the answers to those questions are yes, and yes, then read on, because we've got some expert makeup storage advice from Sue Spencer, a professional organiser, trained by the great Marie Kondo herself. She can whip even the most dire of dressing tables into shape, so read on for her super-simple decluttering tips to transform your makeup storage...

messy makeup and cosmetics in a dressing table drawerClean organised and tidy cosmetics in makeup bags and cosmetic case


All too often our makeup collections can get out of control...

'Cosmetics and toiletries can easily build up unchecked as we're tempted to try new products and stock up on our favourites whilst they're on offer' says Sue,

and don't I know it - with Sue's expert guidance, I completed my own declutter, and found 3 duplicate bottles of my favourite shampoo and conditioner that I must have stashed away in my bathroom cabinet months ago!

So where to begin? To give your makeup storage a makeover, Sue recommends starting off by doing an audit of all the beauty products that you own, not forgetting your makeup bags, gym bags, wash bags and handbags too! Pile all your products together (don't worry about making a mess at this stage...)

Her tip is to, 

'pop a towel or sheet on the floor before starting, to protect the carpet or wood flooring' as it can get very messy!'

Next, Sue recommends gathering your skincare and makeup together into different categories to help you to see exactly what you own. I was amazed to see how many duplicate red lipsticks, (all exactly the same shade) I owned!


Her advice is to take one category at a time, discarding duplicates and out of date items. 

Sue explains,

'You can do this by looking at the number next to the small jar icon on the container for shelf life. Throw away any that have been open longer than the number of months shown. It can be difficult to remember exactly when you first used each product so I recommend using a permanent pen to mark up the date I opened mascaras and toiletries to help keep track of when to discard them'

Being a KonMari consultant, not surprisingly her next makeup storage tip is to work through the categories and decide which of the items spark joy. She suggests discarding fragrances and cosmetics you don't like, even if they were expensive, because they're just taking up useful storage space in your bathroom and bedroom.

Personally, I like to use up old perfumes as room spray. Scents that you don't necessarily love on your skin are usually still vastly superior to the average household spray, and they tend to look a lot better on your bathroom shelf too!

I've separated my makeup storage into two categories - my everyday makeup that keeps me from looking half-dead on the school run, and my 'out-out' makeup. Sadly this my 'out-out' makeup is woefully underused at the moment, but as soon as an opportunity arises, I will be able to quickly locate my glittery eyeshadows and false lashes and I'll be ready to hit the dance floor in no time! Personally, I find clear makeup bags best for makeup storage so I can easily see the contents.

clear makeup bag neatly containing cosmetics


'Once you've decluttered it's time to decide how and where to store everything, but before you rush to put everything back, take the opportunity to wipe down any drawers and makeup bags Starting afresh with a clean drawers or makeup bags will encourage you to keep your cosmetics in good condition so they will be nicer to use' Urges Sue.

Sue advocates separating your cosmetics into different containers or makeup bags, keeping similar things together. She has used our folding makeup bag in starflower gold for her brushes, and our Amy 3 in 1 for makeup storage. I love this view of her drawer showing how beautifully they fit into her dressing table drawer.

organised dressing table drawer with makeup bags and cosmetics bags

image courtesy of Sue Spencer

We're very honoured that Sue vouches for our makeup bags for makeup storage and to keep your dressing table organised and clutter free.

'I've been trying out the Amy 3 in 1 makeup bags from Victoria Green, they're great for storing skincare, foundation and makeup separately and even better for those grab and go moments when you're off out for the day and just need to take a few bits with you'

I agree with Sue that it's so satisfying organising your toiletries and cosmetics. It makes it so much easier to get ready in the morning, and so much easier to pamper yourself.

We would love your tips on decluttering your makeup, and your makeup storage solutions, and would especially love to see your before & after images! Pop them in the comments below and we may feature them on our instagram page! 

Sue Spencer is a professional organiser trained by Marie Kondo - If you'd like to know more about decluttering and organising your home take a look at her website:









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