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No real leopards were harmed: Why did a non-vegan create a range of vegan leather products?

My wash bags and makeup bags  have always been made from vegan materials. 

So, as a non-vegan, why did I make my collection in vegan leather?

In my experience for over 25 years as a product designer for some of the best-known names in retail, I know how difficult it is to source ethically-produced leather. 

You would be shocked at how opaque the process of sourcing materials is sometimes. Although you have good visibility of the factory where the goods are manufactured, unless you have a massive budget, it's extremely difficult to see the whole supply chain. I have known unethical suppliers try to switch factories from a high quality audited manufacturer to a cheaper factory mid-production, hoping the retailer wouldn't notice.

With a vegan leather material it's easy to see if there's a difference in quality or colour, and the fabric is tested at the end to make sure it's 100% phthalate free and adheres to EU guidelines.

It's almost impossible to see whether an animal has been treated humanely just by looking at the end-product.

I knew that as a small business with a limited budget, I could have never have guaranteed that the leather would be produced ethically unless I sold my bags for an astronomical price, and I wanted to create a product that was within budget for as many women as possible.

I went about sourcing the best quality vegan leather I could find. I wanted a vegan leather that was waterproof, robust and long-lasting, so my wash bags and makeup bags would be strong enough for everyday use and last for years to come. I believe I've found a vegan leather that looks good, and performs beautifully, strong enough to withstand life in the bottom of a handbag every day and still look gorgeous!

The fact that my vegan leather wash bags and makeup bags are designed for a long life is better for the planet, better for your purse and a more ethical choice, so put them on your vegan gift wish list!

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