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The Best Way To Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Ensure makeup brushes are makeup and germ free with our 3-step guide...

72% of women have admitted they never wash their makeup brushes. Whether this rings true for you, or you wash your brushes once a week, now is the perfect time to give them a deep cleanse.

1. To shampoo is great because it’s not too harsh on the brush bristles, although any detergent designed for your hair or body will do. Don't be tempted to use a household detergent - remember you're using these tools on your face so it needs to be gentle enough for your skin.

Fill the sink with soapy water and leave your brushes to soak for a few minutes. Massage each brush to make sure you get rid of any product build up. Drain the sink and continue to rinse each brush under the tap, until the water runs clear.


makeup brushes being washed ready to go back into a clean makeup bag

2. Drying ....the next step is drying the brushes. This is a key to maintaining the quality of your brushes. Makeup artists recommend drying brushes upside down so that the water doesn't drips into the handle, which can cause damage, although I find laying them onto a clean dry towel on top of a radiator is equally effective.


clean makeup brushes ready to go back into a clean makeup bag 

3. Re-pack & organise your clean Makeup Brushes

Now that you have cleaned and sanitised your makeup brushes, it's time to get organised.

Store makeup brushes separately from your cosmetics to keep them clean. You could invest in a beauty bags with compartments which allow you organise or keep them in separate clear bags.


Makeup brushes in folding makeup bag with compartments


Lauren folding makeup bag with separate compartments

Now you have a collection of clean soft makeup brushes, make sure you keep it that way! Pop a reminder in your diary to make sure you remember to give them a cleanse on a monthly basis to keep that bacteria at bay!

UPDATE - After seeing my post on Instagram, one of our lovely customers got in touch, HORRIFIED at the shot of my makeup brushes soaking in the sink! She was APPALLED at the thought of the ferrule getting wet (me neither - apparently it's the metal bit connecting the handle to the brush head 🤓 ). Her recommendations (which I love ❤️ ) are as follows:

• Dip just the bristles of the brush into warm water, then into a little pot of liquid soap (she recommends Dr Bronners - great choice!)

• She uses a little plastic sieve to swirl the brushes in, a genius idea as it's gentle, but abrasive enough to dislodge any old makeup and thoroughly slough off bacteria and old skin cells from every bristle. 

• Rinse under cool running water, squeeze the bristles with a soft absorbent cloth or towel and leave in a warm place to air dry.

If you want to follow her she's here on Instagram, offering friendly and refreshingly no-nonsense advice and makeup tips - @buffgarstang 

Do you have any tips to keep your beauty products clean and in good condition? We would love to hear from you! Leave your comments below.



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