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How to get organised this month - December

The last month of the year and the start of astronomical winter December is often a busy winter as we prepare for the Christmas and New Year holiday season. With twinkling lights starting to appear in windows, a sense of excitement about plans for the month builds. 

For December we have put together our top tips for getting the most out of the holiday season.

What to do this month

1. Plan a wintry getaway

When it's cold and dark outside it is so enticing to think of warmer weekend somewhere. Now is the perfect time to get planning and book ahead to bag a quick break to grab some sunshine in the coming months. Explore the back streets of Naples, the Alhambra of Granada or Jemaa el-Fna Square in Marrakesh and enjoy a sunny break in a cafe. Don't forget to plan your short haul luggage in advance with How to Pack Makeup for a Flight to avoid confiscations. 

Hanging wash bag with detachable compartments and airport liquids security bag

2. Make a list of holiday films

What is your favourite festive film? What gets you in the mood for the coming holiday season? What films did you not get around to watching this year?

Instead of flicking through the channels and the endless depths of Netflix, make a list of films, documentaries or series you want to watch this month and power through them to fill your down time with joy. Fancy something to get you in the mood for Christmas, Elf, What a wonderful Life or Love Actually are guaranteed to raise your festive spirits. Make sure you catch up on this year's Oscar winning films you missed out on and indulge in some binge-worthy series you never got around to.

3. Indulge in a new party makeup look

Been rocking the same evening party look for a while? It's time to have another look at the contents of your makeup bag and set aside time to have a play, revamping your party look.

We are all guilty of getting into convenient routines and this often means using the same makeup day in, day out whilst unused, even unopened products lie at the bottom of our makeup bags. Set aside time to get out your entire makeup collection, checking all the best by dates (we have details of how to check your cosmetics are in date in How to Deep Clean Your Makeup Bag), removing any makeup past it's best. Now you have your selection on front of you, take time to explore new colour combinations, putting the emphasis on eyes or lips and seeing how this works for you.

4. Prepare for winter weather (including your skincare!)

It can be unseasonably mild in Autumn so often it is this late into the year before we really start to feel the impact of cold weather. 

Time to unpack all your warm coats and winter woollies, wash and prep hats, scarfs and gloves so you are ready when the first cold snap bites. It is also important to prepare your skin for winter weather. Most of us struggle with the change of weather combined with centrally heated buildings. Consider swapping out your moisturiser with a richer product and apply more regularly than usual. Up your exfoliating game to ensure moisture remains locked in and importantly don't forget your sun screen - winter sun can still cause damage to your skin!


5. Reflect on last year's resolutions

What did you set out to achieve last year? A personal challenge, a health challenge or perhaps a work-based challenge? How did you get on with your goals?

If you fell short of your planned targets there is still time to make some headway with your plans or take some time to reflect and make plans for 2023! Our top tip is to subscribe below to our monthly How to get organised series and we will drop our seasonal organisation tips direct into your inbox each month.


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