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How to Pack Makeup for a Flight

There are many reasons not to check a bag into the hold of the aircraft when you travel. Perhaps you’re only travelling short haul or enjoying a snappy weekend break or it might be that you’re travelling for work and your meeting schedule’s too tight to allow for hanging about in baggage halls. You could be travelling in a bigger group where everyone is on a different budget, so you’ve opted to go the cabin bag only route to keep the travel costs down.


Victoria Green travel wash bag

What to Think About When You Pack Makeup For A Flight

There are a few key things to address when planning and packing your makeup for a flight, including:


  • Adhering to security regulations for carrying liquids in the cabin
  • Ensuring your makeup doesn’t take up too much space in your luggage
  • Which makeup products are kindest to your skin while you’re in the air
  • How best to store your makeup products while you’re travelling


Aircraft Carry On Rules for Liquids, Gels, Creams And Aerosols

Airports around the world introduced hand luggage liquid allowance restrictions back in 2006 resulting in all liquids, gels, creams and aerosols carried in the cabin of the aircraft being restricted to a maximum volume of 100ml, with all liquid items having to fit in a single, sealed transparent bag approximately 20cm x 20cm. This can feel especially restrictive when you’re only travelling with a cabin bag so getting through security and still having the products you can’t live without requires a little bit of forward planning.


clear makeup bag for airport liquid security

What Makeup and Toiletry Items Must Fit in Your Transparent Bag?

A good starting list to work with includes liquid foundation, lip gloss, mascara, moisturiser, makeup remover, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, hand sanitiser, toothpaste and mouth wash. So how are you supposed to get all these essential items in such small bottles and then fit them in a relatively small bag? Here are our top tips:


  • Decant your favourite products into little pots like contact lens cases
  • These can be reused for a simple and sustainable option
  • Save mini gift samples for your holidays
  • Perform some packing alchemy – find powder alternatives to your usual liquid makeup
  • Find a solid deodorant that you like
  • Buy after you fly if you don’t need it during the flight
  • Check if your return flight has different regulations 


Making sure you know your hand luggage liquid allowance will make airport security a breeze.


Ensuring your makeup doesn’t take up too much space in your luggage

If you don’t want your makeup to monopolise the already limited space in your small cabin bag, but you still want to look fabulous, then you need to spend a bit of time thoughtfully curating your usual array of makeup. This is key to your success when you need to make your makeup work that bit harder for you. Rethink your essentials - what would you instinctively grab from your bathroom if you only had a 2-minute warning? In terms of eyeshadow and lipstick pick 2 neutral and 2 bold colours to allow you to easily create a handful of different looks. Hunt down a mini version of your go to setting powder, a sample size mascara and a travel size sunscreen for your face. Ask your friends to recommend travel makeup brushes, ideally including some with dual heads so you can fit more in the same amount of space. Multipurpose products like Argan oil that can be used as a facial moisturiser, a hair oil or for after sun care, and cream blusher sticks that can be used for cheeks, eyes and lips are also winners.    


Victoria Green travel hanging wash bag

Which makeup products are kindest to your skin while you’re in the air?

As flight attire is much more casual these days with more of a focus on comfort than formality, you can opt to keep your makeup fairly casual too. If you’re not confident about going completely bare faced, a more natural and minimalist look is also going to be much better for your skin. This approach will significantly reduce the risk of a skin breakout caused by low humidity cabin air drying out your skin. Choose more moisturising products – BB creams and cream-based makeups are brilliant in the air as are SPF primers, foundations and lip balms. Should you want a more made up look for arrival, then we recommend waiting until the plane has started its descent to start applying your makeup.


How best to store your makeup products while you’re travelling?

When you’re facing the double challenge of having all of your liquids in a TSA compliant transparent bag and wanting to keep your essential in-flight products handy, then nothing beats the clever design and practical style of a Victoria Green travel beauty bag. The detachable and reusable transparent pockets mean you can be TSA compliant without being complacent about sustainability. We have an impressive range of waterproof beauty bags with detachable airport security bags.


Maybe you’ll choose one with a second detachable pocket so you can easily pop your in-flight makeup essentials in your handbag. Knowing that you have everything you need for your trip safe and secure in a totally leak-proof bag is very reassuring, as the last thing you need is an accidental spillage when you only have a few different outfits to choose from. If you get all of these things right, travelling light won’t stop you being able to look your best both during the flight and once you’ve reached your final destination.

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