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5 Things You Need to Know Before Packing Your Beauty Bag

Avoid makeup mishaps and pack your toiletries like a pro.

You can find hundreds of articles about how to pack your suitcase and top tips for folding your clothes.

But what about when it comes to packing your toiletries and wash bag? There are 5 things you need to know to avoid spillages and expertly pack your beauty products. 

1. Make a toiletries packing list

Organisation experts will swear by a packing list and we have to admit, we love a toiletries packing list! Start by going through your daily routine and listing all the beauty products you use. Think about your daily skincare routine, your dental care and the makeup you will need on your travels. Don't forget any beauty tools you might need such as your toothbrush, tweezers and cotton wool.

Top tip - Make life easier and download our FREE Beauty Products Packing List 


hanging wash bag for women Charlotte leopard print with separate compartments

Charlotte hanging wash bag


2. About travel size toiletries...

Now you have your packing list, look at which toiletries you will need to buy before you travel. Toiletry minis have become increasingly popular and can be widely bought at supermarkets or on the high street. However, these are very expensive when compared to the same regular sized products. In addition, these travel size toiletries are mostly sold in eco unfriendly single use plastic containers. The alternative for when you want to travel lighter is to decant your larger toiletries into reusable travel bottles and pots.

Top tip - when buying reusable travel bottles, ensure they hold a maximum of 100ml so you can use them at airport security when you fly with hand luggage

By investing in a set of reusable travel containers, you are not only reducing your environmental impact but also ensuring you take just the right amount of shampoo and conditioner for every trip! Make sure each decanted product is labelled with details of the contents to avoid guesswork at your destination.

hanging wash bag Kate with detachable clear makeup bag in jade green Kate 2 in 1 hanging wash bag


3. Organise your toiletries as you pack

Working with your packing list, use a wash bag with compartments to organise your makeup and toiletry items.

  • Separate items you may want to keep close at hand whilst you travel or you may need as soon as you are at your destination.
  • Ensure glass bottles are packed next to soft items, ideally a face cloth or cotton wool to protect from breakage.
  • Keep liquids together and ensure each container lid is secure before packing into your wash bag.
  • Ensure you keep delicate items like your favourite makeup brushes separate and away from any heavy items that may damage the bristles.
  • Make sure you choose a good quality wash bag with zipped compartments and covered seams, so if your products do leak, the mess stays inside the wash bag and not all over your clothes!

Invest in a wash bag with clear-view compartments

This really makes a difference when you are preparing for a trip and makes packing super simple. Being able to see all your beauty items at a glance means you can double check your packed items easily - essential when it comes to important items like medication. More than just a help when packing, easy-view compartments eliminate any rummaging when you reach your destination so you will always have all your beauty items to hand.

Top tip - our Emma 3 in 1 hanging wash bag is an ideal travel companion, due to multiple easy-view compartments but the real beauty of our Emma hanging wash bag is that two of the compartments are detachable, allowing you to take the small clear makeup bag separately in your hand luggage, or use the beauty kit case as smaller overnight wash bag.

hanging wash bag for women Emma leopard print with detachable compartments

Emma 3 in 1 hanging wash bag with detachable clear-view compartments


4. Protect your clothes from spillages

Toiletry spillages can be a complete nightmare and when we spoke to our customers this was their number one concern when it came to packing toiletries. Nobody wants to arrive at their hotel, only to discover their carefully selected and packed clothes are covered in shampoo.

Don’t worry, there is a simple solution. Opt for a good quality, fully waterproof wash bag.

Why is a leak-proof wash bag so important for travel?

When it comes to tackling any spillages, a leak-proof design is your most important consideration. This will add an extra layer of protection, and ensure any spillages are contained within the wash bag. All Victoria Green makeup bags and wash bags have been designed to be leak-proof, so you never have to worry when travelling. Whether you consider yourself to be a minimal packer or if your preference is to travel with 3 different foundation bases and a 10 step cleansing regime, you will be thankful for a leak-proof beauty bag when the inevitable loose lid occurs. 

A waterproof beauty bag is a must

Most women have experienced some sort of toiletry explosion when travelling, so when it happens you will want it to be contained inside the bag and be able to clean it up easily and quickly. 

Victoria Green wash bags have contained the worst of spills over the years, even including hair-dye and nail varnish!

All Victoria Green wash bags are wipe clean too, so they will be looking like new in no time - although I'm not sure even our wipe-clean surfaces survived the hair-dye incident!

gold makeup bag and gold folding makeup bag starflower print

Gold 'Starflower' print makeup bags


4. Familiarise yourself with travel regulations

Having prepared your toiletries and expertly packed your wash bag, you wouldn't want to fall foul of an travel restrictions around the contents of your beauty bag. Carefully look at the details at any restrictions in your travel documents. Can you take cosmetic scissors onto your cruise ship? Can you currently travel with unlimited toiletries on Eurostar. The most common restriction is carrying liquids in hand luggage when flying.

Did you know? Skin care products make up 16% of the items confiscated at airport security every year in the UK

You don’t want this to happen to you, so make sure your beauty items meet all your travel regulations.

When it comes to air travel, invest in a reusable transparent airport liquid bag and pre-pack it before you go away. You can only take 100ml bottles with you and they need to fit comfortably inside the bag with the zip completely done up.

Not sure what liquids you are allowed to take? Find out more about airport liquid regulations and what beauty products you can fly with.

large wash bag women leopard print Iris

Iris large wash bag


5. Place your wash bag in your luggage with care

Having carefully packed your beauty items, it is important to cushion your wash bag in your luggage. A fully packed toiletry bag will carry a substantial amount of weight so ensure you place this towards the bottom of a suitcase whilst making sure the wash bag is padded with soft items around it, so your toiletries are protected against any knocks and bashes.

Follow our 5 simple tips to make packing and travelling with your toiletries super easy. Happy travels!

Let us know what you think in the comments below 


Looking for more tips for when you travel? Discover our ‘Ultimate Travel Beauty Bag Solution’ and read the 3 things you need to know when buying your sun cream

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