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The Essential Item Every Student Needs For Uni!

Do you know someone heading off to University for the first time this September? 

It’s that time of the year when daughters, nieces, granddaughters and goddaughters around the country pack their bags and venture off into the big wide world of independence and ready meals. There’s so much to think about when moving to university and as well as the obvious, clothes, ID, bedding, cooking utensil, etc., we have one uni essential to send them off with that they will be forever thankful for. 

Shared bathrooms are a staple to most university halls of residence, which if you’ve been used to sharing with your family, or even having your own bathroom, can be a little daunting to the prospective student. Questions such as - where will I store all my products? How do I keep all my stuff together? - will be occupying their thoughts, adding to an already bagful of emotions.

charcoal mandala hanging wash bag with products

 Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Wash Bag in Charcoal Mandala

Our hanging wash bags are the perfect solution to those niggling woes. These spacious bags are essentially mobile bathroom cabinets and are the ideal companion for compact student accommodation! Plus they look gorgeous, even to a super cool fresher.

The Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Wash Bag

It’s said that you meet some of your lifelong friends at university, well, people aside, this hanging wash bag will be your undergraduate’s BFF.  Spacious and versatile, the hook allows the travel wash bag to unravel and hang anywhere - the back of a door, a hook on the wall, or inside a wardrobe - whilst the two detachable compartments mean it can be used as one or as three separate beauty bags. The large detachable beauty kit case is big enough to store shampoo bottles and is ideal for taking into the shower, and the smaller zip-up bag is perfect for storing toothbrushes, toothpaste and hair styling products.

3 in 1 hanging wash bag in leopard tan

Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Wash Bag in Leopard Tan

The transparent pockets and sections ensure all beauty essentials are easy to find and stay clean and organised, whilst a concealed zip-up compartment is perfect for hiding personal hygiene products you don’t want on show.

Like all of our bags, it is totally waterproof and is super easy to keep clean, an essential for halls of residence life, and it comes in three good-looking prints that are sure to meet their approval. 

The Hanging Traveller Wash Bag

If your budding student is a bit of a hoarder, then one of our hanging traveller wash bags are a match made in heaven.

Hanging traveller wash bag by Victoria Green in leopard print

Charlotte Hanging Traveller Wash Bag

With ample space to cram everything in, the expandable pocket means that multiple full-size items can be carried to and from the bathroom stress-free and will hang easily behind the bathroom door or shower screen. Those lucky enough to have bagged themselves an en-suite will be happy to style it with one of the gorgeous-looking prints. Available in our Leopard Lite fabric in Leopard Tan print that will add a touch of style to a bland uni bathroom.

Easy to transport thanks to the two sturdy handles, it can be quickly grabbed if homesickness kicks in and they are back home begging for a cooked meal, or when an invite to the student union comes in and a quick turnaround is needed.

The Threefold Hanging Wash Bag

Our Threefold Hanging Wash Bag is suited to the active student who’s always on the go. She never sits still and when she’s not studying, she can be found down the gym or taking part in one of the many activities she has signed up for.  For her, a wash bag that can keep everything organised on the move is essential, and that’s why our Threefold Hanging Wash Bag is just perfect.


This travel wash bag has a sturdy handle to grab and go and unfolds easily to reveal a tardis of compartments to store everything you need. The metal hook will hang pretty much anywhere, the back of a door, locker, changing room or door handle, and the clear compartments ensure you can easily view what’s inside in a flash, just what you need when you’re rushing from one thing to another.  The bottom transparent compartment is detachable for when a smaller bag is needed and it also has a roomy ‘secret’ pocket underneath to hide personal bits and bobs.


Whether they are moving down the road or 300 miles across the country, this is one item that can be ticked off their uni checklist, they will thank you for the gift of organisation and luxury!

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