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Want to Know the Secret to Perfect Skin? *clue - it's all about your wash bag 😊

Well, I would say that wouldn’t I? but Michelle, one of our lovely customers rang me to thank me personally for keeping her skin super-soft during lockdown the other day! Now I know I make an extremely good beauty bag, but even I didn’t realise a wash bag could be responsible for younger looking skin!

She did indeed look fantastic when I saw her on Zoom – so what’s Michelle’s secret? and what on earth has it got to do with her wash bag?


 Read on for Michelle's top tips...

  • She revealed that her trick for keeping her skin looking fresh is to carry her skincare essentials around the house in one of our large wash bags. That way she can cleanse and moisturise at the same time as watching her favourite box set. That’s what I call multi-tasking!
  • She has filled her wash bag with cleansers, moisturisers, toners and even luxurious face packs to really indulge her skin while she’s relaxing in front of the TV.
  • She recommends using a wash bag with handles like our Iris Carry All  to make it easy to grab and go. She likes this shape because she keeps her cotton wool and smaller bits and bobs in the front pockets. Large wash bags like our Edie Vanity Case are spacious enough to fit your bottles inside upright to avoid spills.

Vanity bag and large makeup bag being used for makeup organisation

  • The best thing is that our big makeup bags and vanity cases make it super-easy to tidy away at the end of the day for a clutter-free zone.
  • Michelle says her beauty bag lives permanently in the living room, tucked neatly beside the sofa, so she really appreciates the classic design and clean lines of our large wash bags and vanity cases as they match the décor in her lounge!

makeup bag in leopard print

  • Why stop at skincare? How about carrying your nail file, manicure tools, nail varnish and hand cream around with you in a makeup bag? My personal recommendation is to keep them next to you when you’re working – I use a large makeup bag and keep my manicure tools in there too. That way you can moisturise your hands throughout the day and deal with those annoying snaggy nails at the same time. Your hands will be in tip top condition without you even having to think about it! Try our spacious Mia large makeup bag, or a Mia small makeup bag if you prefer a more minimal approach. When we’re able to get back to the office, just pop your makeup bag into your handbag for hand-care on the go.

Does anyone else use their vanity cases in surprising ways? Have you used your wash bag differently since we’ve been in lockdown? We’d love to hear from you! Comment below, email me on  or do as Michelle did, call 07931 515062 for a chat!


Victoria x

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