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'Tried & Tested' by Emma

We are very pleased to introduce to you our very first Tried & Tested reviewer Emma McGowan.

Emma was selected as an independent reviewer who also happens to be a busy working mum and therefore expert in many areas we want to know about! Read on to see her findings....


Emma, thank you for taking time to review our Victoria Green bags. Tell us a bit about yourself....

Jan tried and tested review Victoria Green beauty bags

What were your first thoughts on receiving your Victoria Green delivery? 

It was exciting to get the parcel, all beautifully packaged up. My first impression was of the quality of the finish. The material felt lovely and smooth and heavy, with good sturdy zips and tabs. My second thought was, love the pattern! It looked lovely and crisp. It has a nice floral vibe but without being fussy or too girly. 


How have you been using your bags? 

We took the kids away to visit their grandparents for a long weekend so I used both bags then. I was surprised how much stuff I got into the Threefold Hanging Bag and because everything looked so nice and organised, I probably actually took more toiletries and make up with me than I would normally.

I even managed to fit the kids’ toothbrushes and toothpaste in alongside mine.

Having those few extra bits and pieces felt like a bit of extra luxury. Normally I try to pack as light as possible because I don’t really have room for everything. I’ve now got the threefold one hanging on the back of my bedroom door storing my make up.

I’d love to say I’d used my Wash Bag at the gym but that would mean actually going to the gym! I did use it for our long weekend away when I used it to store my shampoo and conditioner, and my Liz Earle cleanser and hot cloth. I will definitely be taking them with me to New York in May but I haven’t used this one round the house.

I did think that if I’d had a handbag sized pouch in the same design and quality, for make up bits on the go, I would use that all the time.


How did you find the design of the bags? 

I thought both bags were really well designed. Everything fitted in really neatly. The detachable section of the hanging bag was brilliant. I put all my make up in it when we were away and was able to just detach it and leave it in the bathroom. No having to carry bits and pieces back and forth like usual. The only thing that didn’t quite work was when I packed everything into the Threefold Hanging Bag, I stood all the bottles upright (foundation etc), but when I folded it shut that meant everything in the detachable section was upside down. I actually attached it upside down in the end, so when it was closed the bottles were all the right way up (if that makes sense!)

I put a couple of necklaces in the hidden zipped bit, which was very handy. 


How would you rate the overall design and quality of the bags? 

I would really rate the quality and design over what I normally use. They felt much better made than the average wash bag – the material felt stiffer and thicker, and just had a lovely texture about it. Wash bags often feel like the seams or zips are going to burst if you overfill them, but these didn’t feel like that. And I liked the tags on the zips. It all felt quite special.


Having ‘tried and tested’ these bags, would you consider these value for money at RRP £15 (threefold hanging bag) and RRP £12 (wash bag)?

Yes, I would. I’m no expert in the price of wash bags but I would have expected them to cost more than that.


So would you buy a Victoria Green bag for yourself or for a friend or family member in the future?

Definitely. At that price, you could buy a wash bag and put a few nice toiletries in it as a gift and it would look like a really expensive and thoughtful present.

Thank you Emma for your review and we hope you continue to love our bags. 






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