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'Tried & Tested' by Jules

This month we had a massive response to our request for someone to review our new hanging traveller wash bag shape. We are delighted to introduce Jules Eley, who was the first name picked from the hat. Read on for her honest review of our new beauty bag...

Jules, can you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

beauty bag review for June

This bag is part of our new collection arriving later this month. What were your first thoughts on receiving your Victoria Green delivery?

My first thoughts on receiving the wash bag were how lovely it was packaged, then upon opening it I really liked the design and the colours. I thought the wash bag was really good quality and a really good size, well made and looked like it could take a lot of humping around on my travels. 

How have you been using your bag? 

I unfortunately have not had the opportunity to use the bag on my travels as I have no holidays booked so far so I instead have been using it to store my make up and hair products. - Jules our bags are designed to be used around the home as well as on holiday, so I'm really pleased you used it for storage - will you promise to send us some pics when you do get a chance to use on your travels? We love to see our bags in use.

 hanging travel wash bag in lorton print

Our new hanging traveller wash bag in the Lorton print as reviewed by Jules

available end July)

How did you find the design of the bag and how did you use it?

I thought the design was great, the compartments are huge, if packed correctly I don't think I would need another bag. I loved the fact you could hang it on the door handle etc What a fab idea! 

How would you rate the overall design and quality of the bag?

I think the design of the bag is one of the best designs I have seen and tried , I found that I could fit everything I wanted in it and more, the quality is to a very high standard and the finish is lovely. The hanging feature is a great little extra feature as well as large compartments and with the compartments being see through it makes finding things so much easier, Also the added spotty contrasting material inside is a complete winner for me as I adore spotty, dotty material. 

 travel wash bag with hook in lorton print 

The new hanging traveller wash bag 'in action' (available end July)

Having ‘tried and tested’ this bag, would you consider it value for money?

£19??? It looks and feels so much more expensive, a gorgeous pattern, fantastic design and great features all for £19 for me it is a total bargain. 

Would you buy a Victoria Green bag for a friend or family member in the future? If so, who?

Yes I would and I have actually put them on my Christmas present idea list for family and friends . I think they are such great value for money, great choice of colours and prints and a fab design. I think they would make excellent presents for my 17 year old niece mother in-law, sister in-law and even my growing up far too quickly 8 year old daughter, also perfect for my make-up loving best friend. 

Jules, thank you so much for taking the time to review our bags and for your honest comments. 

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