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Why we're leading the way on plastic waste reduction

We are pleased to announce that we have dramatically cut our use of plastic packaging by 60% to protect the beautiful world we live in.

Here at Victoria Green, we're always researching new ways to improve our environmental impact, especially when it comes to using plastics. We're proud to tell you that this season we have dramatically reduced the amount of single use plastic we use by 60%.

Our new 2019 collection is now packed with recyclable cardboard fillers rather than plastic stuffing. The cardboard does exactly the same job, filling out your beauty bag to keep the shape. 

"As a mother, I believe it's important to cherish the planet for our future generations. That's why we have reduced our use of plastic and are determined to be PVC free by 2020." - Victoria Green

As a brand we care about our environmental footprint, and with our new collection we have taken more eco-friendly steps on our road to sustainability.

  • Our beauty bags are crafted from vegan leather and are cruelty free.
  • All of our products are 100% phthalate free.
  • We pledge to be PVC free by 2020. 
  • We are committed to eliminating our use of plastic packaging completely by next year.


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