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The Results Of Our Big Beauty Bag Survey

Ever wondered exactly how much is invested in your beauty bag? Would you label yourself a minimal packer or do you like to take the kitchen sink when on the go? What is the beauty essential that would cause you to cry if you forgot to pack it for your trip?

These are the kind of questions that keep the Victoria Green team awake at night, so we set out to find out the answer to all our questions and here is what we found out...

Your beauty bag is worth a staggering £539


beauty bag questionnaire results 1 by Victoria Green

We asked over 500 women exactly what they packed into their makeup bags and wash bags and the result added up to a staggering £539 worth of beauty products and accessories.

We found out that the average cost of the contents of a makeup bag was £242.08 with the most essential items being...

  • N.o 1 - Mascara
  • No. 2 - Foundation
  • No. 3 - Lipstick
  • No.4 - Concealer
  • No.5 - Eyeliner

The average cost of the contents of a wash bag adds up to £297.28 and you told us the most important item you would 'cry' if you forgot was your cleanser followed by the trusty toothbrush.


Wales topped the regions with the most value in their beauty bags

Beauty bag survey results 2 by Victoria Green

Our results show that women in Wales invest most in the contents of their beauty bags with an average makeup bag value of £242.08 and an average wash bag value of £297.28. 

Travelling the lightest were the women of South England with the average contents of a makeup bag adding up to £216.18 and the value of an average wash bag's contents being £268.22.

Our research proves that women throughout the UK invest an enormous amount in cosmetics and toiletries and it is our mission to ensure these valuable items are beautifully stored and protected - Victoria Green

The research threw up some interesting regional facts with 30% of women in the North of England owning over 13 lipsticks compared to 30% of women in the South of England who owned between 1 and 3 lipsticks.

We also wanted to know about the accessories women pack in their beauty bags and found that around 6 in 10 women carry between 1 and 3 makeup brushes on a trip and that Londoners are most likely to pack more than 10 brushes.

When asked if they would rather give up their mobile phones or their makeup bags for a month, women in The Midlands are the most likely to favour keeping their makeup bags.

And what's in the nation's beauty bags aside from their toothbrush?

We asked you what else you always pack in your wash bag for a trip, in addition to the usual cosmetics and toiletries and we were tickled by some of your replies...

Beauty bag survey results 3 by Victoria Green

Some of the more unusual items included...

  • Candles
  • Clothes Pegs
  • A Pen
  • Lemons
  • Bottle Opener
  • Tomato Ketchup
  • Batteries
  • And A Teaspoon......


So what does this tell us?

We have always known that the women of the UK love to invest in beauty but even we were astonished at the value an average beauty bag holds.

We also know our customers value the robust quality and thoughtful designs of our Victoria Green beauty bags and now, knowing just how much value our bags are carrying, it's no surprise to find that women are demanding the very best beauty bags to help them pack, travel and enjoy their valuable beauty collections.

In short, when you're beauty collection has so much value, make sure you invest in the very best beauty bag.


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  • Thanks so much for your comment Christine. We love to here from customers who are using our bags as the feedback really helps us to make our beauty bags the very best when protecting, storing and travelling with your beauty items. Wishing you lots of fun travel adventures ahead! x

    Victoria Green
  • I carry plenty of makeup items with me on holiday – well you never really know if you’ll need that extra highlighter or the seven different lipsticks do you!?! Items of makeup are expensive to buy and this can prove very costly if items are damaged or smashed in transit! I’ve got the ‘Emma’ bag which gives all the important storage and protection to my makeup. Not had any mishaps at all and everything stays perfectly in its place and is easy to find when I need to use it. Best travel bag ever!

    Christine Stevenson

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