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Desert Island Delights: Balance Me

What beauty products would you take with you to a desert island? This is the question we asked sisters and co-founders of skincare brand, Balance Me, Clare and Rebecca Hopkins, and unsurprisingly, they picked some real gems. Fancy a peep inside their travel wash bag…?

desert island blog balance me

When long-term stress and 21st-century fast pace living took their toll on Clare and Rebecca’s health and skin they decide to make a change.  They founded Balance Me, the award-winning skincare brand with clean formulas that restores skin balance for every life stage and age. The sisters believe skincare is selfcare and their naturally active formulas use cutting-edge bio-actives to solve skin concerns, from the first signs of ageing, early motherhood and parenting teenagers through to hormonal changes and beyond, bringing your skin back into balance.

What 5 items would you pack in your beauty bag to take to a desert island?

1. Balance Me Vitamin C Repair Serum

We never travel without our best-seller, which is famed for its brightening, smoothing and hydrating superpowers. Pigmentation and dark spots could become an issue on a desert island, but not with this. Plus, it’s 30ml so we could keep it in our carry-on when we eventually head home, for glow-giving top-ups 30,000 feet up.

Balance me serum for desert island blog feature

2. By Eloise London Hair Ties

We wear our hair up a lot, especially in the heat and for swimming and these are strong enough to hold our thick hair. These don’t pull, snag or break strands, come in a variety of super chic colours and prints and double up as pretty bracelets. The kids love them too.

blue hair tie with shell for desert island delights blog

3. Balance Me BB Hyaluronic Acid SPF 25

This is a 2-in-1, with a subtle tint of coverage and SPF 25. We would never sit in the direct sunlight and always opt for the shade, but this still provides a protective veil. Even on a desert island flawless, glowing skin is non-negotiable.

Balance me product for desert island blog series

4. Balance Me Stellar Balm

We always refer to this as a ‘desert island’ must-have as it’s a true multi-tasker, so we had to include it here. You can use it anywhere, from chapped lips to dry cuticles and it even works on mosquito bites. It’s a preventative and can be used around your nostrils to prevent hay fever symptoms and also as a cure for anywhere that needs a little hydrating TLC. 

skincare product for desert island blog

5. Yoga Matters Eye Pillows

We love Yoga Matters’ offering, including their cosy blankets, but these eye pillows are just wonderful for blocking out the light and encouraging a deep relaxation. They are available in linen, cotton and hemp and make the perfect sleeping partner with our Beauty Sleep range, especially the Beauty Sleep CBD Concentrate which you apply to your pulse points. These pillows are brilliant for morning meditation rituals too.

yoga eye pads for desert island delights blog

In addition to your 5 selected beauty items, which other luxury item would you take with you to the island?

Our families!

family shot for desert island blog series

Check-out @balancemeskincare for news and updates from Clare and Rebecca or visit Balance Me to discover its products.

Get more fantastic beauty tips and ideas from our other Desert Island Delights castaways including skincare power-weight, Dr Sam Bunting, professional organiser, Vicky Silverton of You Need a Vicky, and Michelle Riley, founder of beauty destination, Niche and Cult. 

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