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Know Your Hand Luggage Liquid Allowance - Make Airport Security A Breeze

What toiletries can I take in my hand luggage?

We believe that having anything confiscated is wasteful, unnecessary and deeply frustrating...Our aim at Victoria Green is to make sure that you never have any items confiscated at airport security again. Here's how...

Know your hand luggage liquid allowance

Getting organised to go on holiday can be stressful, especially when it comes to packing. It can be confusing which products you are allowed in your hand luggage, especially if you are travelling with your carry-on luggage.

We have read and researched all the airport rules and regulations, so you can be informed about hand luggage liquid allowances. 

reusable, detachable airport liquid bag

Clear Travel Makeup Bag from Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Wash Bag

The good news is that you can take all your beauty products on your flight including all liquid, gel-based and aerosol toiletries. So why are 81,000 items confiscated* at airports everyday? Follow our simple set of rules to make sure you comply with hand luggage liquid allowance regulations and understand the rules for liquids on a plane.

What size liquids can go on a plane?

Current hand luggage restrictions means that all liquids must be in a container of no more than 100 ml. This means that all tubes, pots and bottles must hold no more than 100 ml when full regardless of how much they hold at the time of flying. Make sure you check the size carefully as it's heartbreaking to hand over a new, expensive cream because it's 110 ml.

In addition, the total amount of liquids must be less than 1 litre. Again save the heartache and double check all your items don't add up to over the litre mark.

(There are exceptions to these rules, in particular regarding baby food and medication. Ask your airline for advice on specific items.)

Beware! The 100ml rule applies to the container so if you have a 120ml bottle with only a tiny amount of product left, this will be confiscated.


What size of plastic bag for liquids on a plane?

It's probably no surprise that your liquid containers must be stored in a transparent bag for airport security. According to the UK government website, the transparent bag should resealable and measure 'approximately 20 cm x 20 cm. Always the friend to women on the go, Victoria Green offers a range of beauty bags with detachable airport security bags which are designed specifically to comply with airport security regulations.

clear airport security bag part of Kate hanging wash bag

Kate hanging wash bag with detachable airport liquid bag

How many clear liquid bags can you take on a flight?

One! Only one! One per person flying.That's not 'probably two'....and it must be sealed so no overflowing! Avoid any of your items being confiscated by planning ahead and organising your hand luggage toiletries a few days before you travel. 

Does toothpaste count as a liquid?

You may be surprised to find out some of the common items in your wash bag which aren't obviously liquids are indeed classed as just that. According to UK government guidelines the following toiletries are classed as liquids:

  • Toothpaste
  • Creams and lotions
  • Oils
  • Mascara
  • Lip Gloss
  • Sprays including shaving foam, hairspray and spray deodorants
  • Gels, including hair and shower gel
  • Contact lens solution

Our advice is to assume that any beauty products not powder based are liquids and that way there should be no nasty confiscations at security.

Can I take hand sanitiser on a plane?

Yes you can, in the UK, as long as it is 100ml or under and fits into your single transparent liquid bag. When travelling from the US, hand sanitiser is screened separately and may add time to your security screening.

Can you take a razor in hand luggage?

Razors are allowed as well, but only if the blade is ‘fully and permanently closed’, so disposable razors with a cap are fine. Additionally, nail clippers, tweezers and nail scissors with blades no longer than 4cm are allowed.

What about on my return journey?

Having followed our guide above, you will have arrived at your destination with your full toiletry and make-up collection intact. However, unless you have a one-way ticket it is worthwhile checking out any restrictions for hand luggage liquid restrictions your return journey.

For example, cosmetics such as powder products are not currently regulated at UK airports. However in recent developments the USA and Australia have introduced powder restriction. You can find out everything you need to know about the latest restrictions in our powder restrictions blog post. 

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How much have you learnt? Play our quiz to find out if you do really know your hand luggage regulations.


* Source Daily Mail Online article published 5th Sept 2017

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