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Pre-Holiday Beauty Schedule

Prep and pamper your hair and skin ahead of your summer holiday, with our 2-week pre-holiday beauty prep guide...

pre holiday beauty tips schedule

pre holiday beauty prep

2 weeks before: Have a haircut and touch up your colour

The combination of chlorine from the pool and hot summer sun can be damaging to our hair.

Get a trim a couple of weeks before your holiday. A cut will keep your hair in top condition, so it is better prepared for the temperature change. 

Give your hair a colour refresh a fortnight before to give it time to settle before you go away. Make sure to take a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner with you to maintain the look. 

TOP TIP - Get your highlights a few shades darker than normal because the sun will naturally lighten your hair.

beauty prep before holiday

10 days before: Give your feet a nourishing treatment

Pamper your feet so they are silky smooth ahead of your holiday. Start 10 days before you go away and then repeat every other day. 

  1. Always exfoliate after a bath or shower when the skin is at its softest. Use a pumice stone or foot file to reveal rejuvenated skin.
  2. Use a luxurious peppermint foot scrub and rub into trouble areas, such as the heels and balls of the feet. Leave on for a couple of minutes and then wash off with warm water.
  3. Finally, massage a rich and intense nourishing lotion into the skin. Pop socks on and leave for a few hours or even overnight for maximum effect.  

pre holiday schedule with bath pamper

when to shave legs before holiday

1 week before: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Skincare experts highlight the importance of exfoliating on a regular basis. However exfoliation is even more important before you go on holiday. This allows new and fresh skin to catch the sun so you can build a tan more easily.

After exfoliating, lather your skin with a rich lotion.  

Did you know? Our skin loses water during the night. Invest in a high quality body moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated. Apply after a shower whilst your skin is still wet, to seal in the water. 

holiday beauty routine

5 days before: Wash your makeup brushes

You've spent time prepping and pampering yourself for your holiday so why not your makeup accessories as well?

We should be cleaning our makeup brushes on a regular basis anyway to remove product build up and bacteria. It also helps makeup go on more smoothly and offers a more even coverage. Wash your. tools before you go away for a fresh holiday makeup application.

Don't get them dirty in your beauty bag. Keep your makeup brushes in pristine condition when you travel and store them separately in a beauty bag with large compartments.

makeup brushes beauty tips for holiday

manicure before holiday beauty prep

3 days before: It's time to get the razor at the ready

Research found that women shave their legs every 1-3 days. Avoid skin irritation and shave your legs a few days before you go on holiday. 

Take your razor with you for any touch ups, but to keep your skin smooth, don't shave immediately before going in the sun.

Don't forget, you can pack your razor in your hand luggage, as long as it's disposable with a fixed cartridge fitting. Check what other beauty products you can fly with and play our airport regulations quiz to see how much you know.

3 days before: Book yourself in for a manicure and pedicure

Book your manicure and pedicure appointment for 3 days before your holiday. 

For long-lasting colour, opt for a gel nail polish and keep your nails short for less chances of breakage.

Top Tip -Take a bottle of top coat with you and apply every couple of days to make sure your manicure lasts as long as possible.

pre holiday beauty guide

The night before: Pack your airport security makeup bag

Get organised for a stress-free airport security experience. Pre-pack your beauty liquids in a hand luggage friendly bag the night before your holiday. 

Breeze through the airport without having to rummage in your handbag for makeup and avoid any costly confiscations.

clear makeup bag for airport security

Detached airport security bag - part of the Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Beauty Bag

Make sure you add your beauty to-do tasks to a calendar so you can stay on top of your holiday prep and bon voyage!

What are your top pre-holiday beauty routine and tips? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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