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What Packing Personality Are You?

Discover The Perfect Travel Beauty Bag For Your Personality

Just like our elegant and carefully crafted beauty bags, wash bags and vanity cases, Victoria Green customers come in all shapes and sizes. We know these discerning ladies have a shared appreciation for clever design and outstanding quality but didn’t know how they choose the bag that suits them best.  


How We Found Out Who Is Who

So we did what all smart people do when they don’t know something – we asked the people that do.  This moderately tongue in cheek exploration confirmed our hunch that our customers have strong personal feelings around how they approach the safe transit of their can’t leave home without them products. It also revealed that they have enough things in common for us to identify four unique packing personalities. As a way celebrating these differences and similarities we’d like to introduce our VIPs – very important packers – so you can decide who’s most like you and accordingly which of our travel beauty bags will suit you best.



Plan-it-all Penny

If you love a spreadsheet and a detailed check list almost as much as drinking a cocktail in a sun-drenched terrace bar, then just like Penny you’re pretty unlikely to forget any bathroom essentials. To be honest it’s not that unusual for most of your wash bag to be pre-packed as you will have already replaced products that were running low after your last weekend away. The satisfaction of an airport compliant pouch that easily pops out for security checks will keep a smile on your face and your journey stress free. A little forethought and being properly organised before you leave gives you more time enjoy your destination and knowing everything will stay tidy and under control helps you to relax while you’re there.


Most likely to say: Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Packing Performance.

Least likely to say: Chill out – I’ll get it done before the taxi comes.


Penny loves:

hanging wash bag packed with toiletries


Last-minute Louise

Clearing the bathroom shelf just before you go is your way of making sure that nothing important gets left behind. You’re genuinely not worried about keeping things as neat as a pin in separate compartments just as long as you know that the things that you’ll want are in there somewhere. You’re in far too much of a hurry to get to the beach to be concerned with unpacking and leaving your hotel room spick and span – that kind of effort is for your everyday not your holiday. You still care about keeping things watertight, mostly so that nothing leaks or spills and causes a mess that you’d have to stop and clear up. In your heart you know this approach can and has caused you some issues going through security but never mind – life’s too short.  


Most likely to say: I’ll be ready in five.

Least likely to say: I’ve been packed for a fortnight.


Louise loves:

'Charlotte' Hanging Traveller Wash Bag in Leopard Tan



Kitchen Sink Kate

You love your beauty products with a genuine passion, and you’d no more leave them home alone than you would one of your children. Why waste the glorious hours you’ve spent perusing the beauty hall in Selfridges at the precise moment that you’ll have the most time on your hands to enjoy your spoils? You gather together your must-take items over the course of a few days ensuring nothing gets forgotten. Whilst you’d far rather not pay for excess luggage better that than any favourite products running out mid-way through your break. You might not travel light but it’s still really important to you that everything stays organised so you can locate your treasures in a jiffy so a beauty bag combination is right up your street.  


Most likely to say: See you in duty free.

Least likely to say: I can always buy it when I get there.


Kate loves:


'Emma' 3 in 1 Hanging Wash Bag + 'Lauren' Folding Makeup Bag Set



Minimal Melanie

When it comes to your make up you might be low maintenance but that’s only because you’ve invested the time to seek out premium multi-tasking products that work for you and suit your skin-type. Being a quality rather than quantity person you take the time to decant your special products into smaller bottles ready for your travels. You’re far too smart to run the risk of forgetting something essential that you’re unlikely to easily find once you get there. You can’t be doing with hanging about in baggage halls, so you often fly with just a carry-on that you’ve learnt to pack like a pro. Experience has taught you that being organised and travelling light makes airport security a breeze. You’re happy to leave your products in a bag while you’re away so long as it has transparent pockets that make it easy to manage your small but perfectly curated collection.


Most likely to say: Less is more.

Least likely to say: I’ll pack it just in case.


Melanie loves:


Womens wash bags in vegan leather in charcoal Mandala print

Whatever your packing personality, Victoria Green’s extensive and beautifully designed travel and wash bag collection offers a range of practical and high-quality packing solutions for every type of modern traveller. Our stylish leak proof bags will always ensure that your journey is more easy and breezy and less stressy and messy.    

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