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Wash Bag Essentials, Our A-Z Of Packing

Wash Bag essentials guide

Make sure you don't leave any of your beauty favourites or wash bag essentials behind for your next trip. Follow our A-Z of toiletries to take on holiday and download our FREE holiday checklist to make your packing a breeze.

The A-Z Wash Bag Essentials Guide

beauty essentials for holidayAntiperspirant

If you're lucky enough to be going somewhere hot, then an antiperspirant or deodorant is a must have. Don't forget you can travel with aerosols in your hand luggage, as long as they contain 100ml or less.

wash bag packing list summer holidayBrushes

Applying makeup with brushes not only gives a more professional finish, but it helps it stay on for longer too. Keep your brushes in pristine condition when you travel and store in a makeup bag designed to accommodate full size brushes so as to ensure no damage. 


Charlotte hanging wash bag with compartments for women by Victoria Green Charlotte Hanging Traveller Wash Bag with multiple spacious compartments

travel packing checklist for toiletries and makeupChecklist

A holiday checklist is an absolute must, so you don't forget your essentials. The best way to pack a suitcase is to consider how many days you're away, what the weather will be like and what kind of special occasions you will be attending, lay out each of your outfits and beauty products accordingly. Save each holiday checklist in a file, either digital and physical and make a note of what the packing list is for. Next time you go on a similar break you will know exactly what you've taken before and the process will be much easier. Download our free toiletries checklist here.

beauty packing listDecanting

Decanting is a great space saver, especially if you're travelling with hand luggage only. Pour your beauty products into smaller bottles and if you're flying, pre-pack your airport liquids bag before you travel. Not sure about the regulations? Find out which liquids you can take on a plane and then take our quiz to see how much you know.

toiletries packing list for summer holidaysEye Makeup

Our bags have plenty of space so you can experiment with different eye makeup looks for your holiday with a variety of shadows and eyeliners. If you're taking liquid eyeliner or mascara in your hand luggage then always remember to pop them in your airport bag because they count as liquids.

Find the right airport friendly beauty bag for you.

airport security bag part of travel wash bag by Victoria Green in tan leopard

TSA compliant airport security bag

packing list for beauty productsFace Wash

A must on the holiday essentials list. Travelling can make your skin feel dry and stressed out. Nourish your face with a moisturising wash to leave your skin feeling fresh and soft. Buy a smaller version of your favourite, or decant as above. 

which toiletries to take on holidayGel

Are you team shower gel or team body wash? Is there actually a difference? A wash is creamier so perfect for dry skin and to create a luxurious bubble bath. A holiday packing checklist is often full of multi-purpose products so it is a good idea when packing for holiday to take a product that is an effective cleanser for the shower, as well as a luxurious bath product.

makeup packing travel list victoria greenHair Styling Products

Whether you've got long, short, straight or curly hair, you can have a good hair day every day of your holiday. Don't forget to take an anti-frizz serum and always spritz with heat protection spray if you're using straighteners.

TOP TIP: For fly away hairs, spritz some hairspray on a clean mascara wand to tame any frizz.

packing wash bag essentials in Victoria green beauty bag

Kate Hanging Wash Bag with detachable TAS compliant compartment

toiletries holiday packing listInsect Repellent

Are you prone to bites? Even if you're on staycation you'll need to keep those midges away with a bottle of insect repellent spray. 

cosmetics and toiletries summer holiday packing list by victoria greenJar of Moisturiser 

A jar of moisturiser is obviously a travel beauty essential. Choose a multi-tasking all-rounder to save space in your suitcase, and switch up the serums to increase the potency of your products. Serums are usually packaged in smaller bottles - and ampoules are absolutely ideal.

beauty travel checklistKeratin Conditioner

If you're lucky enough to be going abroad, warm weather and chlorine can be drying to our hair. Using a keratin conditioner will help keep your locks looking smooth and stylish and give it some much needed hydration.

hand luggage toiletries packing listLavender

Victoria never goes anywhere without a trusty bottle of lavender oil. Put a few drops on your pillow at night to help you sleep, and use it for a super-relaxing bath oil. It's also great for burns and makes a good antiseptic. 

hanging wash bag with detachable compartments filled with toilteries

Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Wash Bag in Shell Print 

beauty bag packing checklist for holidayMakeup Remover

Are you are a micellar water lover or maybe you're obsessed with the cult beauty trend: hot cloth cleansing. It's important to take off your makeup before going to bed to prevent blocked pores and blemishes.  

Top Tip: Follow in the footsteps of beauty guru Sali Hughes and use a fresh cotton face cloth each night as part of your hot cloth cleansing regime. Remember to take a pouch to keep your damp cloth separate, or use the individual waterproof pockets in our Emma Hanging Wash Bags.

wash bag essentials packing list summer holidayNail Scissors

Never leave home without them! Use them to cut tags off new clothes, kids crafting projects, and of course to cut your nails!! And you can even pack them in your hand luggage. (As long as the blades measure 4cm or less.)

makeup bag checklist for summer holidayOrganisation

Planning and preparation help keep holiday packing stress to a minimum. Always consult your holiday checklist, and most importantly, choose a beauty bag with compartments, so you can easily find everything. (although we would say that wouldn't we?)


Victoria Green hanging wash bag Kate in blossom on holiday
Kate Hanging Beauty Bag in Blossom Charcoal


cosmetics packing list victoria green makeup bagsPlasters

A mini first kit with the essentials is a must have for any trip. Plasters, paracetamol, a few bandages and some tweezers (in case of any splinters.) 

toiletries packing list for travelQuick Refresh

Are you a convert to a mist-on serum? When travelling and you skin feels dehydrated and dull, a quick spritz will restore your glow.

victoria green large wash bags for travelRazor

Buy a new razor a week before you go away so it’s not brand new but not blunt for your holiday. Make sure you keep the blade guard on at all times, place it in one of our clear pockets so you don't cut yourself feeling around inside your beauty bag, and if you're travelling with children, ensure your hanging wash bag is hung well out of the way of little fingers. Our Emma hanging wash bag or our Faith Folding Wash Bag are ideal to hang high up out of the way

Did you know, you can take a razor in your hand luggage? As long as it's disposable with a fixed cartridge fitting, it's allowed on the plane. Pop it in your makeup bag and take on the plane. 

'Faith' Folding Wash Bag in Mandala Charcoal & 'Emma' 3 in 1 Hanging Wash Bag in Mandala Charcoal

which sun cream to buy for summer holidaySun Cream

Of course, we all know we need to take sun cream with us, whether at home or abroad, but which one and what SPF to use?  Find out our top tips to shopping for sun cream. 

best beauty buys for holidayToothbrush and Toothpaste

An obvious one but something often forgotten. Add to your holiday packing list and keep all your dental care products in a separate compartment to your toiletries and cosmetics. 

free downloadable beauty packing listUnder Eye Cream

Before a peaceful night's sleep, soothe your eyes with a moisturising cream. These are ideal for travelling as they often come in smaller bottles and they feel super-luxurious. Look out for one with added Vitamin E to hydrate and protect the delicate skin around your eyes.

list of wash bag essentialsVaseline

Number one on my holiday checklist - Vaseline is an amazing and multipurpose beauty product. Take a tin with you on your travels and use it for lots of things. Other than a lip balm, you can use it as a moisturiser, makeup remover and even to soothe sun burn or rashes.

Hanging wash bag in jade by Victoria GreenKate Hanging Beauty Bag in Jade

beauty bag packing list victoria greenWet Wipes

A crucial holiday essential, especially on family trips. There are biodegradable options available now, but NEVER flush down the toilet whatever it says on the packet!

downloadable toiletries packing checklistX Marks the Spot

Pop an anti-blemish stick in your wash bag to tackle any holiday pimples. 

beauty must haves for summer holidayYour Favourite Beauty Product

It's always nice to have a touch of luxury when you're away. Treat yourself to your favourite beauty product, like a decadent foot scrub or deliciously fresh scented perfume.

Emma travel wash bag by Victoria Green in tan leopardEmma 3 in 1 Hanging Wash Bag

beauty products checklist for holidayZip Everything Up

Keep all of your beauty products neatly stored and protected in your waterproof beauty bag with compartments.

Organise your beauty products for a stress-free packing experience. We've made a packing list that you can download for free so you don't forget anything.


Victoria Green toiletries packing list


If you found this post useful, read Know Your Hand Luggage Liquid Allowance - Make Airport Security a Breeze, 5 reasons Emma is the best hanging wash bag for life on the go & How to Pack your Beauty Products for your Holiday

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