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5 reasons Emma is the best hanging wash bag for life on the go

Have you met Emma, the ultimate hanging wash bag...? 

Our Emma 3 in 1 hanging wash bag is simply gorgeous to look at, but she is more than just a pretty face, incorporating style and functionality to deliver the ultimate hanging wash bag. Let us tell you exactly why Emma is by far the best hanging wash bag you'll ever try...

1. She can hang anywhere

Emma best travel wash bag by Victoria Green in leopard tan in hotel

Imagine getting to your destination with several bags of beauty products, to discover a small compact bathroom with no space. We've all been there! The Emma hanging wash bag has a sturdy metal hook that can hang anywhere to save room. Simply unroll to create a mobile bathroom cabinet and access all of your beauty products in one place. Hang next to a mirror and your travel wash bag becomes your own portable styling station! 

2. She has clear view compartments

emma 3 in 1 hanging wash bag

Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Wash Bag in Shell Aqua

Clear view sections make your life so much easier when it comes to packing, keeping your beauty kit clean, tidy and easily accessible. At your journey's end, our Emma hanging wash bag allows you to simply unfold and see all your beauty items at a glance. This is a beauty bag designed to eliminate 'rummaging' from your life and she does it really well!

Top Tip: To clean the clear makeup bag sections of your hanging wash bag, use makeup remover on cotton wool and wipe clean. To keep your make-up bag sparkling clean and germ free, follow our 5 steps to deep clean your beauty bag for a super hygienic beauty bag.

3. She includes a detachable, reusable airport liquid bag

emma 3 in 1 hanging wash bag detachable compartment

Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Wash Bag in Mandala Charcoal

Have you ever had a liquid item confiscated at airport security? You're not alone and with women spending more than ever on beauty products, we're on a mission to ensure that you never have an item confiscated again. Our TSA compliant airport security friendly clear pouch is part of our Emma 3 in 1 hanging wash bag and is designed to be detached, filled with your 100 ml toiletries and placed securely in your carry on luggage for effortless check-ins.* Make sure you allow time before you travel to pre-pack your carry on liquids and together with our Emma hanging wash bag, costly confiscations should be a thing of the past!

In addition Victoria Green offers a Liquid Promise to ensure when you use one of our TSA compliant beauty bags, you never have an item confiscated again.

Like this idea?  - we have a range of beauty bags and large wash bags with detachable, reusable airport liquid bags

*We do recommend that you check your airline liquid regulations before you travel to comply with their regulations. Unsure of what you can and can't take in your hand luggage? Read our handy guide to hand luggage liquid allowances.

4. Unique 3 in 1 design

Best travel was bag Emma 3 in 1 design by Victoria Green

Emma 3 in 1 Hanging Wash Bag in Leopard Tan

The main reason Emma is the best hanging wash bag is her unique detachable compartments. Simply use as one combined extra large wash bag or detach the beauty kit case and airport liquid bag to create 3 separate beauty bags....

1. Beauty Kit Case - ideal for shorter trips and nights away. This travel wash bag is large enough to pack your shampoo, shower gel and deodorant as well as your essential make-up whilst being a compact shape for easy packing.

2. Reusable Airport Security Bag - designed to help you breeze through airport security, this beauty pouch is also ideal as an everyday makeup bag or when you want to take some of your essentials to the beach or poolside.

3. Hanging Beauty Organiser - designed to provide practical makeup storage, our hanging wash bag can be used on its own for shorter trips, or even as permanent makeup storage in your bathroom. When you're ready to travel, simply fold and go!

Preparing for a longer trip and want to take it all? Simply pop it all together to create the ultimate hanging wash bag for life on the go.

5. She is waterproof

Like all Victoria Green bags, our Emma 3 in 1 travel wash bag is crafted from sturdy waterproof material and constructed with lined seams to ensure any leaks and spills are contained. We know there is nothing worse than arriving at your location to discover your shampoo has leaked all over your carefully prepared wardrobe. This is why we strive to create beauty bags which will care for and protect not only your beauty products but also the rest of your luggage.

Shop the Emma hanging wash bag here

What our customers say - 'Always best for travel! I always use the Victoria Green range as I find them the best for travel and organisation!! Long lasting and very durable. I love a matching set so it's just perfect for hair, makeup, toiletries and jewelry.' Katrina F

Shop the all Victoria Green beauty bags

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