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Looking for the best travel makeup bag? Let us introduce Amy

travel makeup bag Amy 3 in 1 for travel, gym and organisation Introducing our Amy travel makeup bag

The Amy 3-in-1 makeup bag is a versatile beauty bag which can be used for a number of different occasions. You can travel with her and keep a part of her with you at all times, whether it's in your handbag, dressing table or suitcase. You can use her to organise your makeup and toiletries and to take to the gym.

Amy is made up of three handy compartments that can be used altogether or detached and used separately due to snap fastenings. The 3 compartments are -

  • 2 x pouch with vegan leather and mesh- This pouch has one side made from robust vegan leather and the other from a sturdy mesh fabric so you can store your items discreetly or turn over to view easily. 
  • 1 x a clear-view airport security friendly pouch - Use the clear-view pouch to store your airport security compliant liquids. Unsure of the rules? Check out our guide here.

The Amy 3 in 1 travel makeup bag in action...

3 ways to use the Amy 3 in 1 makeup bag

1. Dressing table organiser

Our Amy 3 in 1 beauty bag has three useful compartments that are connected together, making her the perfect makeup organiser at home or an your travels. Once Amy is filled with your essential products, she will sit prettily on your dressing table. 

Tip: Organise your make-up into three sections, base, lips and eyes to ensure you can quickly and easily find the items you are looking for.

Amy 3 in 1 Travel Makeup Bag in gold

2. Travel companion

Amy is a perfect travel makeup bag, with the detachable compartments making it easier than ever to get organised for your trip. Amy includes an airport security friendly bag, once detached fill with your 100 ml liquids so you can breeze through check-in without a worry. Fill the mesh pouch with important travel documents so that your passport and tickets are kept together at all times. Finally, use the 3rd pouch to store any electronics such as phone chargers and earphones to stop the wires from tangling up. 

travel makeup bag Amy in gold being packed for travel

Tip: Set aside time to prepare your liquids bag for airport security to avoid costly confiscations.

3. Mix 'n' match compartments for the gym 

The unique feature of Amy is being able to mix 'n' match the separate compartments to suit your needs. As each pouch is waterproof, this is the perfect bag for accompanying you to the gym as it allows you to keep wet and dry items separate and allows you to keep personal items such as phones and headphones in their own compartment to avoid any damage. You decide how to use each compartment best and don't forget to pack your post workout protein bar!

 Amy 3 in 1 Travel Makeup Bag in Leopard Jade


 Want to take a closer look?

best travel makeup bag

Shop the Amy 3 in 1 Beauty Wallet in 'Jade Leopard' here

best travel makeup bag

Shop the Amy 3 in 1 Beauty Wallet in Gold here




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