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Desert Island Delights: Vicky of You Need a Vicky

Our Desert Island Delights castaway this month is professional organiser and author, Vicky Silverthorn.  Quite possibly one of the most organised women we know, her company You Need a Vicky allows her to share her passion for transforming peoples’ homes and in turn, improving their wellbeing and life for the better.  Let’s find out what Vicky would pack in her beauty bag for a desert island…

Vicky Silverthorn for Desert Island Delights blog


Vicky founded You Need a Vicky in 2010 following a career as a PA for professional footballers, pro golfers and eventually the musician, Lily Allen. Having always been the tidy and practical type, being organised with exceptional attention to detail comes naturally to Vicky.  Her ‘can do’ attitude has built her a wealth of clients, including celebrities Jonathan Ross and Rachel Stevens, who have all benefited from her de-cluttering, organising, styling and house move services.

What 5 items would you pack in your beauty bag to take to a desert island?

1. Ark Skincare SPF 30

This SPF, primer and moisturiser in one is such a great product! It was recommended to me by my friend, the actress Susie Amy, who is an avid SPF wearer and taught me to be religious with it!

Ark skincare primer for Desert Island Delights blog

2. Green People Organic Scent Free Sun Cream

I always feel funny about sun cream being on my skin all summer. I like to use one which is organic and also reef safe - what’s the point in staying on a desert island if you are destroying the reefs at the same time!

Green People SPF sun cream for Desert Island Delights blog

3. Labology 3 Super Sanitiser Spray

It kills 99.9999% bacteria, 99.99% viruses and won’t damage the environment or dry skin out. It can be used on fabric, hard services or skin! I would use it on everything and anything (as I do now!). It also contains no alcohol and is more like a water spray than a gel and has no horrible smell!

Labology sanitizer for Desert Island Delights blog

4. Upcircle Plastic-free Reusable Razor

When I’m rescued from the desert island it would be good to not only be tanned but smooth too!  I really try to go eco and these are great; a little more effort but I think worth it! You can send the blades back for recycling too.

Upcircle Reusable razor for Desert Island Delights Blog

5. Coconut Merchant Coconut Oil

I’d use this on my dry skin at night, to keep feet smooth and to cook with! Such a great all-rounder.

Glass jar of coconut oil for Desert Island Delights blog

In addition to your 5 selected beauty items, which other luxury item would you take with you to the island?

I’d take a set of the round storage baskets from Artisanne Home to keep all of my stuff safe! They are amazing and my favourite hands down!

Set of three storage baskets for Desert Island Delights blog

See Vicky's website,, to find out more about what services the company offers.

Want to have a peep at what our other guests would pack in their beauty wash bag for a desert island? From cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Sam Bunting, to Jasmin Wicks-Stephens, founder of cult skincare brand _Faace, read our Desert Island Delights series for some beauty inspiration.

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