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5 Key Beauty Trends for 2019

As every Victoria Green beauty bag is designed to help you care for and protect your beauty items on-the-go, we like to keep ahead of the trends. Here's our key beauty trends for the coming year...


Trend 1: Facial fresh skin

Who doesn't want to look as though they've just stepped out of the spa? If au natural is your thing, fresh looking skin is one of the big beauty trends for 2019. Hot cloth cleansing is a popular skincare method that can give pores a deep clean, giving you a natural glow with baby soft skin. 

What is hot cloth cleansing? This method not only allows you to remove your makeup effectively but offers a deep cleanse and exfoliation at the same time. Cleansing cream is massaged into the face and neck before removing with a cloth soaked in hot water in circular movements. If you love the aroma of your cleanser, leave the cloth on your face for a moment and inhale the scent for a sense of well-being.

While hot cloth cleansing has its perks, one downfall is where to store that cloth after you've used it. If you travel a lot for work or in general, you may put off hot cloth cleansing on-the-go if you struggle to find a practical place to keep it where you know it won't cause any damage.

If you're a travelling beauty lover who favours hot cloth cleansing, we suggest using a beauty bag with separate compartments, so you have a specific compartment to store the muslin cloth and there will be no risk of the excess water damaging any other products. Also ensure that your beauty bag has lined seams so there is no chance of water leaking in your luggage. A bag like our Amy beauty wallet would be perfect to store a muslin cloth, with a clear plastic compartment which can be easily wiped clean.

Trend 2: At home facial tools

It is no surprise that people are investing in skincare more than ever and as a result the investment in at-home facial tools is growing. With more and more time devoted to daily and weekly facial routines, items like jade rollers have installed themselves into every day beauty kits. Beauty gizmos and gadgets gaining popularity include facial toning devices, eye massagers and sonic facial brushes.

The at-home movement looks set to continue as development in technology bring the benefits of the salon to our own bathrooms, providing not only a variety of skincare routines but also a chance to pamper ourselves on a regular basis.

Travelling with your facial tools? Make sure your device has its own compartment to avoid accidental damage and always invest in a beauty bag with lined seams to avoid leakages from your toiletries.

at-home pamper with Victoria Green beauty bags


Trend 3: Lash lifting

According to reports, lash extensions are out, and lash lifting is in. Instead of getting professional extensions, it's now encouraged to make the most of your natural lashes by getting a lifting treatment and using products such as castor oil to boost lash growth. Eyelash curlers are also handy tools if you just want a lift without a trip to the salon, however a lash lift will last longer at around 6 - 8 weeks.

When it comes to packing oils and beauty tools, choosing a bag with spacious compartments is advised to prevent any damage. For example, our Kate beauty clutch bag offers a spacious detachable clear pouch, perfect for storing eyelash curlers and brushes. Kate also has clear view zip compartments to store smaller products such as oils and potions to maintain your lashes while you travel.

Trend 4: Hair care is the new skin care

The hair care revolution is well under way with brand's launching new serums, masks and scalp friendly products aimed at creating the same bespoke treatments for your hair that we now expect for our skin. Inspired by Korean skin care face masks, expect to see hair masks with rich natural oils and lipids giving your hair deep conditioning treatments. Used to exfoliating your skin? Scalp exfoliation products are set to become a regular bathroom favourite, liberating your roots by eliminating flaky scales, detoxify your scalp and promoting healthy roots for your hair. With blends of natural oils and salts, we'll wonder how we ever managed without these products. 

If you thought toners, serums, moisture mists and SPF protection were just for skin, 2019 will make us think again as we share our skin care love to our hair.

beauty trends for hair Victoria Green

Trend 5: Sustainable beauty

2019 is all about sustainability, and when it comes to beauty products, cruelty free brands and natural ingredients are set to come to the fore. However, it's not just about the sustainability of the products, but how sustainable is your makeup storage?

Fast fashion has an extensive impact on the planet, and this extends to throwaway culture of makeup bags and wash bags. This is why every Victoria Green beauty bag is crafted from robust materials that is always wipe-clean and waterproof to provide easy care and a long life. 

We believe when you invest in the best of beauty, you deserve a beauty bag which will serve you well for years to come.

We've dramatically reduced our use of single use plastic by 60% in our new vegan leather collection, using recyclable cardboard fillers rather than plastic stuffing. We are also pledging to be PVC by 2020. 


Which beauty trend is your favourite? Let us know below

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