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Stuck For Mothers Day? We Have the Best Gift Ideas for Mum ❤️

I don’t know about you, but the thing I found particularly difficult about the last year is the separation from my mum. We have only been able to each other at a distance or on video chat, and my family have really missed time with the grandma. Sadly, there are so many families out there who haven’t been able to see each other very much this year and this will be the second Mother’s Day during lockdown. That is why this Mothers Day, more than ever, I’m looking for some really special gift ideas for mum so I can treat her.

I take after my mum with her love of travel. She has found it as hard as anyone this last year without the possibility of holidays. We both love to get away and explore new places. Packing up a beauty bag and going on an adventure to far and distant lands, that’s why I thought travel gifts for her would be such a good idea!

I feel so positive about the potential of upcoming travel, and my mum is just as excited as I am about the new lockdown roadmap. The possibility of being able to stay somewhere other than the four walls we have been locked up in for the year most certainly sounds appealing to the both of us.  


To give you some Mothers Day gift giving inspiration I thought I would share with you my gift ideas for mum. Since my mum loves to get away, I tried to think of travel gifts for her. She has already booked her first weekend away just after the 12th of April. And I know there are plans for lots of other staycations this year as restrictions start to ease off.

I thought that the 'Kate' Hanging Beauty Bag and Small Makeup Bag Gift Set in Blossom would be a great choice for my mum as she loves bold prints. When thinking up gift ideas for her I thought that the separate compartments in the hanging wash bag will be great for short trips when she has limited storage space. She will be able to organise her toiletries easily in the wash bag and keep wet and dry items apart. My mum has a strict skincare routine so she can keep all of her cotton pads, cleansers and night cream separate in the hanging wash bag and unclip the detachable pouch and keep it next to the bed. The makeup bag is a great size to fit in all her essential makeup, as well as a few glittery eye shadows for dinners out. Imagine… dinner out! What a treat!

This gift set will be perfect once we can get back to travelling abroad too, as the clear detachable case is compliant for use at airport security. I know my mum is dreaming of getting a bit of international sun, so she will be ready to pack up her makeup bag and go come June.


As well as her love for travel, I also inherited my mum’s need to be organised. When I think about the best travel gifts for her, the ‘Charlotte’ Hanging Wash Bag and ‘Amy’ Makeup Bag gift set is a wonderful option. When my parents stay away, they want to feel comfortable so they can relax. So, keeping things well-organised is essential. The hanging wash bag is great for this as it has loads of room to keep different bathroom essentials stored and it can be hung on the back of the bathroom door out of the way. The waterproof compartments in the hanging wash bag are perfect for storing your toothbrush, flannel, and razor – my dad can even get a section to use. Not only a gift for mother, but a gift for dad too! The makeup bag is great as it has 3 separate compartments so she can keep other travel items neatly organised; like her phone charger, ear plugs and eye mask.

I love this gift for mother as it has so many versatile uses and the compartments are detachable which is an even better way to keep a holiday home uncluttered. It means that my mum can spend time relaxing with a glass of wine and a book, instead of worrying about tidying up.


For longer breaks, the ‘Edie’ Vanity Case and ‘Lauren’ Makeup Bag gift set is one of our perfect gift sets for women. We are all looking forward to when my parents can come and stay once the lockdown restrictions are removed. They will often come to stay for a week, and when they come my mum likes to bring all her bottles with her. Being without her expensive hair treatments and miracle working creams would be a no-no!

The positive thing about a staycation is that you have more scope to pack heavily! You can fill the car to the rafters with all your essentials. And bringing a vanity case filled with all of your beauty products is a possibility. So, when thinking of gift ideas for her, this spacious gift set was another ideal choice.  The vanity case is great because you can keep all your toiletries upright and they don’t spill.  The folding makeup bag can be laid flat, so all of your make-up is clear to see, which makes putting your face on in the morning a lot easier.

We have loads of different gift sets for women, so if your mum prefers more storage, something more understated and classic, or something small and practical; we have it covered.

We would love to hear how you will be treating your mum this Mothers Day. Please get in touch below.


Victoria x

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