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'Tried & Tested' by Ayla

Our 'Tried & Tested' reviewer for this month is travel blogger Ayla Warner. Read on for her review of our travel wash bag and makeup bag...

Ayla, first tell us a bit about yourself...

april tried and tested reviewer of victoria green wash bags and makeup bags

What were your first thoughts on receiving your Victoria Green delivery? 

I always love receiving things in the post and this delivery was the loveliest thing I could have wished for just before my holiday!  Because I’m a girl who likes pretty things my first thought was “Oh look how pretty!”.  On further inspection I realised that they didn’t only look cute - they were actually really practical too.  Soft and smooth on the outside but they also seemed strong and extremely durable.

How have you been using your bags? 

I took both bags on my recent road trip around the United States – the wash bag stored all my toiletries, creams, hairspray, perfume, etc., and I kept all my make-up and tablets in the cosmetics bag.  They were both so useful!  The cosmetics bag fit in my day bag so I could carry it around with me whenever I needed another coat of lippy and the wash bag was super handy, especially when we were camping, as the handles meant I could easily carry it around with me.

travel packing on instagram

Ayla packing for her U.S trip - from her Instagram feed


How did you find the design of the bags and how did you use them? 

The traveller wash bag is big enough to fit everything in that I could possibly need for my travels, with a smooth outer case and two handy compartments inside to separate the toiletries.  The folding make-up bag also has two compartments to keep things separate which meant my mascara and nail polish couldn’t leak all over my hair bands and accessories as the zips and lining are both secure and durable enough to contain any leakages.

How would you rate the overall design and quality of the bags? 

Although the wash bag looks pretty big, it only took up the same amount of room in my suitcase as other standard wash bags I’ve used before, but it somehow seemed to fit in so much more.  It felt like Mary Poppins’ bag and my products and toiletries just kept fitting in, all super neat and organised perfectly, without me having to leave anything out.

victoria green wash bag showing transparent interior compartments 

The Traveller wash bag -'like Mary Poppins' bag'

Having ‘tried and tested’ these bags, would you consider them value for money? The traveller is RRP £15 and the foldover makeup bag is RRP £10

Definitely!  I was actually surprised at the great value of both bags as I would have expected a higher price thanks to their lovely design and strong durability.

As travelling is your passion, would you recommend these bags to someone planning a trip?

I wouldn’t go anywhere without these bags now whether it’s a short weekend trip or a longer break.  They were so useful and easy and much more practical than any wash bag I’ve used for my travels before.  Also, they’re really pretty!

Thanks so much for your review Ayla and do let us know about your future adventures.!

travel wash bag from victoria green with handles  victoria green make up bag with 2 compartments

You can find details of Aylas travels on her blog Mrs Aylas Adventures

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