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5 reasons to take this toiletry bag to the gym

Looking for the best gym wash bag?

Let us introduce Charlotte...

Charlotte gym toiletry bag

1. It hangs…in the changing room, in the shower room…

An essential feature, in our opinion, when it comes to any gym toiletry bag. As with all our hanging wash bags, the Charlotte Hanging Traveller Wash Bag features a sturdy metal ‘hang anywhere’ hook which allows you to take your toiletries from changing room to shower room easily, so your essentials are right where you need them. Designed for an active life, this handy hook of this gym toiletry bag is tested to be rust free so will last and last. Simply unfold and hang.


Gym toiletry bag Charlotte features

2. It has three separate compartments

This is going to make life so much easier! The Charlotte hanging wash bag features three individual compartments allowing you to organise your gym bits. Use the small section at the hook to securely store your valuables - perfect for keeping your jewellery safe - and the large case compartment for your gym toiletries. Post workout, the separate compartments allow you to keep any wet or damp items apart so you can safely store any gym kit in the same bag.

And the best bit – Charlotte is a leak proof design, so there's no need to worry about any nastiness escaping in your bag.

Charlotte gym toiletry bag

3. It’s light-weight and 'squashes'

The Charlotte hanging traveller wash bag is designed specifically for those who like to travel light whether you are ‘hand luggage only’ traveller or an after-work ‘gym bunny’. This ladies gym wash bag will allow you to pack as little or as much as want thanks to the robust but soft pliable nature of the fabric.

Prefer the minimal approach? Simply pop in your toiletry essentials for a work out and slip into your gym bag or work tote. Always carry everything including the kitchen sink? Not a problem as Charlotte will expand to store all the toiletries you wish – handy for when you need that extra space.

 4. It is waterproof

Every Victoria Green beauty bag is designed to be first and foremost practical, so you can expect that every wash bag is waterproof, making our beauty bags the ideal choice when looking for the best gym toiletry bag. The Charlotte hanging wash bag, made from our Leopard Lite fabric, is no exception so is perfect for taking from spin class or poolside, to shower room and changing room, safe in the knowledge your beauty bag will stand up to all gym conditions!

Did you know? Every Victoria Green wash bag is a leak-proof design, so you never have to worry about a loose lid mishap again

 5. It will keep you effortlessly organised

Organisation is the key to a stress-free day and it is at the heart of everything we do at Victoria Green. Let’s face it, you want to save all your energy for that spin class, not rummaging for your deodorant or hunting down your dry shampoo.


Our Charlotte hanging wash bag will keep you and your toiletries beautifully organised, making packing your gym bag a pleasure, keeping your items brilliantly stored and to hand. Designed to make organisation effortless, Charlotte is guaranteed to be your best new gym buddy....

Why not team with the matching Lauren folding makeup bag for The Ultimate Fitness Beauty Bag Set

The Ultimate Fitness Beauty Bag Set

What our customers say - "People have commented on it at my gym and I am happy to gush about it!" Melissa B

"Makes me feel super organised! I'm going to buy this again for gifts as super nice pressie" Angela H

Shop the Charlotte hanging traveller wash bag

As well as our Charlotte beauty bag, we have a range of alternative hanging wash bags that are fantastic for the gym, swimming pool, or HIIT class, as well as when you're travelling or on the move. Our Emma 3 in1 Hanging Wash Bag in the bright and colourful Shell Aqua print is a great example.  It unfolds to reveal five compartments, two of which are removable, and includes a sturdy metal hook to keep it off the floor. Also available in Charcoal Mandala print and Leopard Lite fabric.

Or if you like to have all your beauty essentials with you when you workout, our 'Faith' Folding wash bag is a great choice for storing your full-size bottles.

Faith folding wash bag

If you need some ideas of what beauty must-haves to keep in your gym wash bag see our 5 gym wash bag beauty essentials you always need blog for some great tips.

What beauty essentials do you keep in your gym wash bag? Leave a comment below and tell us what you can't work-out without.

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